Massage to Cleanse the Chakras


As with any other bodily system, stress and negative energy may cause “blockages” in our principal energy channel. When these blockages persist, they can cause spiritual depression in the areas the specific chakra is associated with. A simple way to keep your chakras cleansed is by receiving a comprehensive chakra massage.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Organic massage oil 7 white candles Sage incense White cloth Twine

Casting Instructions for ‘Massage to Cleanse the Chakras’

Set up the seven white candles decoratively around the bed, couch, etc. where you will be administering the massage. Light them in a rotation. Light the sage incense.
Be seated across from the recipient of your massage. Center yourself. Straighten your spine, relax your shoulders and cross your legs by tucking your ankles beneath your calves. Instruct your partner to do the same. Place your palms.
Recite the following incantation simultaneously: AUM (pronounced OOOOHM). Pronounce it by massaging audibly through your nostrils, and then direct the flow of air to the point between your eyebrows. Do the recitation three times.
Trace a pentagram on their forehead with your power hand’s pointer finger. Have your partner lie face down on the bed, sofa, etc.. Straddle the bend of the legs. Apply massage oil liberally to their shoulders and rub it in.
Start massaging from the base of the tailbone, where the root chakra is located on the spine. Start by gently rolling your thumbs in circles on either side of the tailbone. Then, compress your knuckles against their back and repeat the gesture with a wider berth. Start working your way up the spine slowly. Repeat the cycle when you have attained each subsequent chakra.
When you reach the base of the lumbar curve (the L5 and L4 vertebrae), you’ve reached the sacral chakra. When you reach the top of the lumbar curve (the L2 and L1 vertebrae), you have reached the solar plexus chakra. When you reach the middle of the thoracic curve (the Th7 vertebrae), you’ve reached the heart chakra. When you reach the base of the cervical curve (the C7 and C6 vertebrae), you have reached the throat chakra. When you get to the back of the mind, you’ve reached the third eye chakra. When you get to the top of the head, you have reached the crown chakra.
Conclude the massage by instructing your spouse to stretch. When the massage is done, snuff out the candles one by one in a clockwise rotation. Wrap the candle remains in your white fabric, tie the package shut with three loops of twine, then bury the bundle in character, thereby burying the strain theyve helped discharge.

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