Transfer Werewolf Curse


This is a spell preformed by 2, one a werewolf that wishes to be human, which in this spell is the sender, and the other a human willing to turn into a werewolf, the receiver.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A bowl, plate, or chalice and if manageable, should be made of silver, or at least metal
3 candles and something
A pin, needle, or atheme
1 black or white chalk

Casting Directions for ‘Transfer Werewolf Curse’

Each person must find a private spot to preform the charm, indoors or outdoors, it doesnt matter. And the two do not need to be to complete this charm. First, each must draw a circle around them with the chalk large enough for the person to sit and set up the candles around them. With the pin, needle or atheme, split in each candle a sigil, one, the sigil of transformation, two, the sigil of transference, and the last one the sign of the moon, a waxing crescent. Light each candle and sit at the center of the circle, your tool beside you, along with the dish before you, sprinkled with salt. Use your instrument(pin, needle, or atheme) and prick your finger, at least one drop of blood is necessary. Drip it on the dish. Now you are ready to state the spell. That is where it gets tricky. The sender and receiver must say their spells at roughly the same time, but the two spells slightly disagree. The senders spell- Hungry is the wolf inside, like a curse it never dies, But no more in me will it be, let it leave and I go free. I cast it out to (magick name of receiver), Blood to Blood we’re no more! The recipients spell- Here I be a hollow shell, where my spirit no one can tell, I call the wolf to me, and in me it won’t ever go free. I call the wolf of (magick name of recipient), Blood to Blood forever well be!

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