Space Clearing


A simple spell to clear a living area of negetive energies.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 small white spell candle for spellcasting
1 extra normal white candle for burning
1 stick of sandlewood incense
Paper and pen (for writing down the spell)

Casting Directions for ‘Space Clearing’

**You can choose to light the white candle for burning and the incense either before or after you have cleared your mind and body but the spell candle should not be lit until you say the spell** Primarily, prepare the ingredients on a surface in the area you wish to cleanse. This will act as a simple altar. When you feel that the altar is prepared, you must then sit down in front of it and relax your mind and body of any daily tensions.

When you feel you are relaxed enough, light the incense and the white candle for burning (if this candle is scented with lavender or other crops associated with the air element then thats even better!)

Take in the scents and emotionally connect with the clarifying power of the air component. I typically do this by regulating my breathing, imagining energy being attracted to me from the earth with every breath as though it were a heartbeat.

When you feel you are strong enough (this may take practice and meditation, but it pays off), you must choose the bit of paper with the spell written on it in your hands or put it on the altar, provided that you can read it.

Light the spell candle and either hold it or place it on the altar in front of you to indicate the start of the spell.Say/chant:

I cleanse this, My home, With energy and tome, Take out the bad, But leave in the great. The clap of my hands, That hits with a thud,** Sealed this deed, So mote it be. You must then snuff the spell candle immediately with your fingers, not by blowing it out, to signify the end. You need to then light the spell with the second candle and let it burn in the ashtray. Permit the incense to burn but the second candle may be snuffed. Your spell is complete. **Clap your hands together confidently and will the accumulated air energy outward from you in a world, cleansing the air of bad energies.

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