Commitment Spell


This is a love spell for a new love, or to get an love return.

You will need the following items for this Commitment Spell:

A string or ribbon from the target’s clothing
A string from your clothing
A red Candle (any kind)
A tall red taper candle
A drop of the person’s scent
Dried rose petals
Vanilla extract, about 1 tbsp (1/2 ounce)
A rose quartz (washed in warm soapy water and rinsed well)
1 ounce of rum
2 cups of water
Salt (any kind)
Glass vial or potion bottle

Casting Instructions for ‘Commitment Spell’

Love spells to get a person are rare. That isnt exactly devotion, although an partner will be provided by many love spells. This devotion spell is very manipulative and many Witches would believe it contrary to and black magick the Wiccan Rede. Youve been warned. I would recommend practicing relationship and communication skills, and gaining the confidence of your one by listening carefully each time they talk and digging into their feelings. Learn what makes them tick and see whether you are compatible. If you still wish to understand the binding commitment spell, here it is. Your decision to use it is your responsibility alone. Important note: It is not recommended that you tell your target that a spell has been cast on them or this working has been done. If this occurs the goal will become your enemy.

Potion Preparation: Bring the fresh water to a boil for 5 minutes. Turn the heat down so the mixture stays warm but does not boil. Add the rose petals while saying: Dancing to aid ________s like to flow. His/her love will now blossom. His/her desire for me will come! Reconfirm your focus, remove the mixture. Add a pinch of salt while saying: No one may interfere magickally, I can only undo this spell. Reconfirm your attention; add the ounce of rum while stating: Drunk with love he/she will come to me, no love will he/she see. Our love will grow in purity, and this spell is set free once it is true. Let the mixture cool and put it in a glass bottle with the rose quartz. This should be a bottle that is worthy of containing such a potion and has an appealing shape. (Don’t use a bottle that used to contain something powerful smelling like cologne) Now comes the true spell casting, so far you’ve completed the potion, which is an ingredient of the actual spell. Timing: This part of the working should start about 15 minutes on a Friday before sunrise. After sunrise so be sure you know it from beginning to end in your mind, it needs to be concluded by 1 hour. Check your local weather station. Begin: Clear an open area that you can work in and are comfortable in, this should be a distance. You shouldn’t feel cramped. Find some sort of table with 1-foot of high surface space. Place the table in the middle of the area you’ve cleared and assemble the two candles, the strings, the potion, a bowl of salt, incense, targets scent (cologne, etc) Equipped with the salt and beginning in the north of your working area, cast a circle by creating a salt circle. Cast is clockwise (doesil) while saying: I cast this circle to shield me from bane. I cast this circle until it’s open, to include my energy. The circle is strong and will hold true. Light the red candle and facing south say: Burning passion and desire, arise like a flame in _______! Place the candle on the table, pick up the taper candle and anoint it. In the center of the candle, start with anything or the cologne on your index finger and move down. Go all around the candles bottom half only rubbing in downward strokes. Begin in the middle again and rub all around the candle in strokes to the wick up. Focus on your target coming to you. Take both strings, hold them together and tie a knot at one end while focusing and stating: (fill in the blank with the name of the person you would like.) I bind this knot and bring _____s love. Tie another knot in the opposite end of the parallel strings while saying: I bind this knot and bring _____s want. Tie another knot close to the first one on the side: I bind this knot and deliver s faithfulness. Tie another knot next to the second one you tied: I bind ______s like to me. Another next to the next one you tied: Come to me, so mote it be! Wrap the cord and light it while saying: love’s fire burns in his/her heart! Light the incense does his/her devotion to me that he/she cannot revoke, hereby evoke! Sit and focus on your goal, you may wish to chant the following: ______ to me, so mote it be. After a couple of minutes, pick up the red candle and let three drops of wax fall on the jar of potion (not in it, just on the lid or glass) and say: This spell is sealed! Put down, eliminate the cord, dip the cord into it while the spell is stored and open the potion. So long as knots remain, his/her love for me will never wane. Recap the potion and hold it above the incense so that it is surrounded by smoke. Turn it so the smoke say and reaches all sides: This smoke seals his love for me! Repeat state and the smudging with incense for the heart: His/her love is bound! Place all things back on the table and move around the circle counterclockwise (widdershins) while saying: The circle is open, the spell is released. Love for me, will never cease! Take the potion out so that sun will infuse it. Place in the sun for so long as remains of the hour past sunrise. Take the potion in and store it in a space that is secure. Each day put a drop of the potion on your forehead, each breast and on your genital area (on the hair is safest)- 4 drops total. Take the cord with you and keep it when you sleep. Don’t let anyone else see it. You may optionally store the cord in a space that is safe. 3 is best, Whenever the opportunity arises, sneak a FEW, drops of the potion is food or drink your target will consume. This will work, but when is hard to determine as it depends on many factors, one of them, your personal power and confidence, timing, the targets will, etc..

Blessed be and may this Commitment Spell help you along your path.

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