Deep Commitment Spell


To strengthen existing relationship bonds.

You may need the following items for this Deep Commitment spell:

3 Red candles
2 White candles
Picture of your boyfriend/girlfriend
(optional) drop of blood
(optional) Red string or ribbon
If you haven’t got the ribbon, tape

Casting Instructions for ‘Deep Commitment Spell

Organize your candles so if you attached lines between them they would make a pentacle. The red candles ought to be two points that are bottom and the point, and the candles ought to be the other two points.
Place your picture in the center of the candles, then light them counter clockwise.
Say this chant, focusing on the picture of your lover.

To my lover, dearest he/she
Bound I wish to be
Eternal love and health I seek
Our future bright and never bleak

Open up, be true to me
Enjoy me deep and never flee
I’ll not hurt you ever or

Our feelings now intensify
Never fear and never lie
So we will stand the test of time
For true love It’s Not a crime

Could it be told and done
Our loving wishes to be won
Take this charm and make it be
As I will so mote it be

So it leaves a kiss-mark if you have ways to get a drop of blood, drop the blood on the image, then kiss the image, pressing against your lips to the fall. If you do not have the bloodstream kiss the photo.
Three times, up width-wise, fold the picture at this point.
If you’ve got the thread/ribbon, wrap it around the image, and tie it. For those who haven’t got this, use the tape, but try to use tape that is white or tape tape. Maintain the picture safe, where it won’t be disturbed.

You may blow the candles out, you must blow them out in the sequence.

May the Deep Commitment Spell help you out.  Love and light!

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