Do they Love me?


This do they love me spell is to find out whether your feelings are shared by your crush/lover . This is my love spell, but please let me know if it works.

You may need the following items for this Do They Love Me spell:

A candle
A piece of paper

An egg
A flower

Casting Directions for ‘Do they Love me?’

Cast your circle as usual. Set up too. In the center, put your candle. Light the candle and chant,

“Oh flame of understanding, of heat, your beauty and love I do now greet, give me a response to which I ask, this is your only important task”

Next, while energy is gathered by the candle flame, write the question
“Does (the title of your crush here) return the emotion of love and joy to me? If not, allow me to proceed in my life so I may discover the mate for me. They have the guts if I am loved by them, may. I really do love them, and if they love me, may we see where life and shared love guides us”
Also, while writing this, state what you are writing. Place the pen once done. Hold the paper over the candle (though be careful not to burn it) and picture energy from the flame being consumed by the words on the paper. Also, push your love for that person into the words. Visualize and list everything you love about your crush. Then let some wax from the candle drip onto the paper (after you’ve folded it into one quarter it’s size), mainly on the edges. Place aside the paper then, and let the wax from the candle drip on the egg, and only one drop or so on the flower. Then hold the egg and state,

“If after 7 per day, this fragile egg remains okay, let love from (title of crush) be true for me, this is my will so shall it be.”

Hold the flower on chant and your palm, then,

“If after 7 a day, this delicate flower is still ok, let love from (title of crush) be true for me, this is my will so shall it be.”

Then blow out the candle. Keep the paper with you and put the flower in your area in a secure location. Place the egg outside in a safe place, but don’t bury it. They might not have a crush on you, if the flower withers completely. If the egg breaks or cracks, they might not have a crush on you. If they both are ok, they do. The person does not if they both break/wither.
Examine the egg and blossom after 7 days. No more.

Blessed be and may the Do They Love Me spell do wonders.

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