Eternity Love Spell


If you think in magick truly, and wish with this eternity love spell to come true, it shall work to great effect. You may find yourself unharmed OR in need, if you simply play around. Remember that it is then the caster who becomes dangerously obsessed with the object of their spell when a love spell reverses on the caster. This spell will require the drawing of your blood, so if you are not afraid or prepared to do it, then this spell is not for you. This spell should only be practised by those who have much experience in the casting of spells and are wise in making decisions. This spell is very lengthy and will take some time, and as with any other spell, do not merely “think” it will work, “know” that it will work.

You may need the following items for this eternity love spell:

=Independent Variables:=
5 red candles
2 pink candles
Large pink candle
10 big white candels (optional)
Rose Incense
Patchouli Incense (optional)
Incense holder
Red, 5 petaled, climbed
Pink tulip
Pen with red or black ink
Paper to write on
Paper to burn
Photograph of You
Photograph of your Intended
-Gemstones (optional):-
Rose Quartz
Rhodochrosite (optional)
Thick white chalk
Ability to draw a pentagram
Staff or Wand
Athame, must be sharpened
Ability to cast a Magick Circle
Large space, at least 10’x10′
Red silk (preferred; satin will do though) fabric, 7″x7″
Siding Nail or something sharp with a stage (optional)
Elm or Cherry Tree sap, sap from a tree in your area or if neither can be got by you, you may use adhesive
=Control Variables (optional):=
Season of Vernum (Spring)
Day of Friday
Clear skies with visable moon or 75 percent Waxing Moon

Casting Directions for ‘Eternity Love Spell

Section the First

Part the First; Preparations:

Tell your mentor (if you have one), soul guides/animal totems that you are about to:

Perform an advanced spell
It’s a love spell
If they approve, then continue, if not, continue at your own risk. If you get their approval, call them to add their electricity to the spell for maximum effect, though this step is optional.

Gather the selected ingredients together, making sure to keep them organized. Cast a Magick Circle around the entire work area with you indoors as well as your components; ideally, you will have a Magick Circle that is 10 in diameter. For best effect, cast this spell at night, under a full moon or waxing moon when it’s highest in the sky, during Vernum–Spring, that is. Prepare your mind, ask yourself:

Can I wantthis for myself?
Do I really want this for mine Intended?
If this spell goes wrong, will I be willing to reverse it or face the consequences?
Am I confident that I could do this spell?
Do I know that this spell will work, or am I just playing around and testing the waters?
Am I totally concentrated on the matter at hand?
Am I free from outside interruptions?
Memorize the following phrase if you want to help make sure that this spell will not harm you, you may need it later:

In no way will this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse, so mote it be.

If you answered no to any of the previous aforementioned questions, it is recommended that you pack up, and try again when all of the answers are yes.

Section the Third

Part the First; the Writing

Upon the piece of paper for writing on, that you have, write the following:

Forces of love, hear me out

Let this charm to come true.

Let nothing and no one stand in the way,

As my mind is created, my heart is set, this spell I will say.

Meditate upon what you just wrote for about 10 minutes, making certain that in the end, this is exactly what you desire.

Part the Second; Preparations

Draw a pentagram with the chalk in which the diameter isfive orseven feet; be sure that this pentagram is at the very center of your Magick Circle. Place the 10 white candles, if you’ve got them around the pentagram, three feet from the border of it light the white candles and extinguish any other lighting sources (if you choose not to use the white candles,keep any light sources on) Place the red candles so that you can on each of the five points of the pentagram. This next sentence is optional. Take the nail and carve around the wicks of each candle a heart. In the center of this pentagram, draw a smaller pentagram (see the drawing in my profile under photos for help), in the centerof thissecondary pentagram, set the silk cloth in the centerof the secondary pentagram; put the incense on it and light it. Take your two pink candles and set them in the far left and far right points in your secondary pentagram, light them. Take your love stones, if you have them, and place them on the other points of the secondary pentagram. Place your rose on the left of the burning incense and your tulip on the right. Place the large pink candle out the large pentagram, you won’t use it yet.

Part the Third; the Procedure

Take the piece of paper for burning, and using the pencil, write a love poem on it, one that will mean something to you personally; it differs for everybody. Flip the paper over and write the identical thing.Take the tree sap, or paste, and stick the picture of you (face inward) to one of the sides of the paper. Take your Intendeds photograph and stick it with the glue/sap face inward to the other side of this paper with the poem. Fold the 3 papers up. Take the paper and hold it to where it will accumulate the smoke of the incense. Take it and pass it over the fire of all the 5 candles. Unfold the paper, pull a petal from the rose and put it in between the photograph of you and the poem. Have a petal from the tulip and do the same for the other side. Refold the combination. Slice your hand with your Athame and drip the blood on the combination. Burn the paper in the candles, halfway on a single candle, the rest of the way on the other. Collect the ashes; cut at a doorway in your Magick Circle. Outside, say the following with the ash in hand:

Queen Wind of the East, honest and far,

Take these ashes of mine that with you I share,

And blow them into the doorway of Loves great gate,

Clear every past love[r] and give me a clean slate.

As I will so mote it be.

Now blow the ashes. Next, go back into your Magick Circle, reseal it. Take your staff in your hand and follow and infinitysign seven days throughout the [secondary]pentagram (see picture 2 in my pictures), making sure the centre is on the incense. As you do so, focus your affections of love, and if you wish lust, into your Intended (imagine this). Chant once per pass:

Love of mine,

infections designed,

to me show affections

And me your darling complexion.

Following this is done, take a few deep breaths and gather energy from the room. Visualize a gentle pink-white aura around your Intended. Have a sheet of paper and draw on it a cross hairs target. Grab one of those stones, if you have them, and concentrate their power. Now do the exact same for each of the two stones as well. After this cross hairs has been charged, replace the stones in their proper places. Take the cross hairs paper and hold it tight. In your minds eye, visualize the collected love shooting from the hairs, hitting on your planned, which makes them want you. Write this on a newspaper:

Love burning bright

Mine Intendeds delight,

Now that I have thee,

Thou wilt love none and only me.

Thine heart I have caught,

None others shall enter thy thoughts.

Thy mine and heart,

Thine mine and aura,

They are entertwined.

Memorize this. Pluck the flower petals that are rest of the and place them in the middle of the paper. Slice your hand again and trickle 7-10 drops of blood at the middle of the paper. So that it will burn fold the paper tightly. Grab the pink candle and bring it to the pentagrams centre the two candles and then use them to light the pink candle that is at once, stating as you light it

This heart is mine, (nod your head in the candle you Want to represent you)

This heart, buff, is thine; (nod your head in the other small candle)

I entertwine them,

Together forever time doth dim.

Extinguish the two flames if you’re 100% positive that this is exactly what you will want. Burn the folded paper in the candle that was large today. Sit yours and before meditate and this candle on your lovers face, kissing. Then see two silhouettes of your two bodies forward. Now observe the two auras getting one, and pour emotions of love [and lust] . Following this, take the silken cloth after doing this, and pour your love into it, use the only candle fire that is pink to be extinguished by it. After this, fold the fabric and put it up someplace, you dont even have to recall it (if you ever wish to undo this, then it would be advisable to remember where you placed it). Cut another door into your Magick Circle and go outdoors, before blowing the ashes away, saying, address the wind:

Queen of Wind,

I beseech thee again,

Quite a feat, my spell,

Is now complete,

Please take these ashes of mine,

And take them.

Take these

Have her meet.

I thank thee now friend,

My request is done, no more of thy time will I spend.

If You’re proficient at aerokinesis, use your staff to extinguish the remaining red candles, Otherwise, manually go to each red candle and extinguish it bypinching it out (not blowing), but before you do, state the following:

Though the candle doth go out,

Doubt shall never be faced by this love.

Burneth correct, and glowing.

After this is done, sit and meditate on what you have just done and what this means, give up loss at this time or sadness or any sorrow. After you have completed this, dispel your Magick Circle, turn on a normal light source, and extinguish all the candles.

Part the Fourth; Cleanup

Clean up the chalk should you desire. Take the candles if you would like to do so and dispose of them. Allow the incense burn out by itself. Dispose of tulip and the rose stems. You should have taken care of your silken fabric, I recommend placing it in your pocket until you are completely done cleaning everything up. Store your employees and athame back where they are normally kept by you. Take them to the ten white candles and store. Place the stones in a leather pouch and store them wrappedwithin your silken cloth (optional on being inside fabric). Any leftover paper, do with what you will. Store the pen. Store the incense holder where you do after the incense has burned out. Store the games, and eliminate any leftover glue or tree sap. Store or eliminate the nail/sharp object. Go cleanup your hand with the cut[s] now. Go get some sleep, if done at night.

Part the Fifth; Precautions

After performing this spell, It Might Be advised that you do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Greater Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (if you know it), the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, OR the Greater Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. This will keep any spirits as you will be vulnerable and exhausted.

Part the Sixth; Warnings

Have fun, but be smart, this is serious stuff.

Bear in mind that, this eternity love spell currently does NOT have a set way so changes may be permanent. In order to safeguard, finish every poem with the line mentioned near the start of the directions. By attempting this spell bear in mind that this is an ADVANCED spell, meaning that it takes patience, time, and attention, you are agreeing that you are adept to attempt the use of unstable magicks and strong spiritual forces. It helps if you’re experienced should you’re planning on attempting this in writing spells.

Stay well to thee and thine, and thine Intended.

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