Reverse a Spell


Use this spell to reverse any harmful magic. This may work to reverse the effects of a spell cast on you or someone else with malicious intent. You can even use this to undo your own spells (although hopefully you don’t use magic to damage).

You may need the following items for this spell:

A taper candle
A glass or bowl

Casting Instructions for ‘Reverse a Spell’

Cast a circle. Set the candle to the bowl or glass and fill it with water so it’s almost covering the candle; have the water level about a half inch to an inch beneath the candles tip. Sprinkle salt into the water around the candle and say:

With salt, this water is made pure I give it the power to heal and cure

Imagine the water and salt glowing with a bright light. Maybe envision sparks because the salt hits the water. Light the candle and say:

A spell was cast with baneful will A wicked web was rigged I take away the harm and ill I now undo what’s been done

As the candle burns, imagine that the water is emitting positive energies which will help to reverse the spell. Let these energies develop in your circle. When the candle burns to the amount of the water and sputters out, take it from the water and hold it with both hands. Say:

This harmful spell I negate, Return things to their rightful state!

At the last word, break the candle in half. As if the snapping sound were a thunderclap, imagine the energy in your circle being released in a burst of bright energy like lightning, destroying the effects of the spell you are reversing. If you can, snap the candle to even smaller pieces, breaking it further, which makes it useless and inconsequential.

Close your circle if you are not outdoors and take the glass or bowl of water along with the broken candle outside. Bury the candle pieces in addition to any wax that dripped into the water. Pour the water in a circle around where the candle is buried. If you’re outdoors, do all this inside your circle and close it when you are done.

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