Ward off Evil Spirits


To do this you need to let go of any fear you’ve got and be certain that you have faith in yourself. Know that you are perfectly capable of eliminating negative spirits without being harmed! Do this at a group of people for additional power.

You may need the following items for this spell:

An equal number of white and black candles (can’t be more white than black or more black than white)
Sage, Basil, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Coconut or Cinnamon incense or a sage smudge stick
Black onyx or black tourmaline
A healthy physical and mental state of being

Casting Directions for ‘Ward off Evil Spirits’

To begin, relax and get into a trance.
Don’t concentrate on anything specific, just relax your muscles and focus on being. If you would like, you can call upon some other guardians or other spirits that you feel are benevolent.

As soon as you’re calm, light the candles and hold the crystals(s) on your hands. Repeat the following as many times as you need to feel secure:

“Spirits, I’m safe. I can’t be harmed and am not intimidated. I am under the protection of lighting.”

As soon as you feel comfortable and safe, it is time to do the cleanup. For this you are basically going to summon the spirits and ask them to move on. Do so politely. If the soul starts to get violent with you, know you’ll be safe. Don’t let the spirit scare you because it is going to decrease your vibration which makes you more vulnerable to negative entities.

“Spirits which follow me, spirits attached, any malevolent shall be detached. With all due respect please leave me be, I am supposed to be on my own, I hope you can see.”

As you do this, breathe deeply as you close your eyes. Every time you breathe in, visualize white light coming into your body. When you breathe out, visualize dark energy which is the spirits departing. If the soul is physically harming you, consider doing this ritual with a huge group of people and chant at the exact same time.

Getting rid of spirits doesn’t always happen in one ritual and is a procedure. You need to be certain you’re not negative-minded, paranoid, or low vibrationally as this is exactly what attracts negative spirits. If the spirits continue after doing this ritual, just repeat it each time they bother you.

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