To Ward Away spirits that are un-wanted


This spell only works for hostile spirits, which might torment you or cause you harm. It won’t work on great spirits.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A bundle of Sage A small saucer or bowl Salt (sea salt works best) Purified water (The more pure, the better) One White Candle

Casting Directions for ‘To Ward away un-wanted spirits’

Start. Everyone has their own way of purifying themselves but I would suggest creating a source of light around you with energy. This is because hostile spirits will try their best to stop you from doing your duty. So, after you are purified and your mind is clear on the task at hand, burn the bundle of sage. Wave the bundle of sage gently at every corner of the effected area, allow the smoke to creep in and drive out the spirits. You may extinguish the bundle of sage, once all the corners are purified. Then go to each corner (which has been sagged) and sprinkle a pinch of salt. Now, take your saucer(s) and pour equal amounts of water and salt indoors. Put the saucer/bowl under neath a bed, chair, couch, or stand (underneath something that is in use a lot), this works as a one way portal to keep hostile spirits at bay and retains your space clean. Last! Light the candle and place in an area where it will not catch anything. Concentrate on the fire and throw this spell:

“Beings of Light, far and wide,
This spell I cast won’t un-tie,
With Sage, Salt, Water, and Light,
I banish this evil from my sight”
– Blessed Be
Now allow the candle burn it’s self out. The saucers of water must evaporate into the air at a particular quantity of time, once that is done you may remove them as well (that can take weeks) but your space is merely clean. Letting the water evaporate is more of an insurance plan.

NOTE: Remember, any spirits that remain are not harmful to you so don’t try to expel them, consequences may come.

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