Horoscopes for Sunday, March 25, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

You won’t lack compassion over the coming year, either for those you are close to who need some assistance or for those who suffer all over the world. So what can you do of a practical nature? You can start getting more personally involved.


Some tough choices will have to be made over the next few days but if you look at what you have to do with a clear head, free from bias and favoritism, they won’t be too challenging. Others will appreciate your fairness and honesty.


A Venus-Jupiter link could make you even more sensitive than you usually are, so it’s important that you look clearly at the situations you are involved in and make an effort to act logically rather than emotionally. Be careful with money too.


Something of a personal nature that you wanted to keep hidden will become public knowledge this week. There is no point trying to deny it is true, so you might as well own up and admit that, yes, you are responsible. It’s not such a big deal.


You tend to be a bit defensive at this time of year, as the Sun moves through the most sensitive area of your chart, but don’t put up the shutters completely because there could be a new love interest coming your way. Be open to new experiences.


You may have to change your plans at the last minute this week and there won’t be much you can do about it. Take life as it comes and don’t take it personally if people mess you about and keep you waiting. It’s not as if you’ve never done it yourself.


What you gain this week will more than make up for what you recently lost, so cheer up and don’t act as if the world is against you, because it isn’t. Your mind creates your reality – always – so think happy and feel happy and soon you will be happy too.


Why are you still so concerned about the past? You can’t go back and change it so why waste time and energy beating yourself up about what might have been? The rest of your life starts right here and now, so draw a line and start moving forward.


Try not to be too open about your thoughts and feelings. The planets warn there is a danger that a rival will lure you into saying too much about a controversial issue in the hope that it will make you look bad. Keep your opinions to yourself for now.


You need to make a decision and stick with it, not just for today but for the week to come as well. You have chopped and changed far too much in recent weeks and now need a period of certainty. Others need to know where you stand as well.


Try not to take out your frustrations on loved ones this week – it’s not their fault you are feeling out of sorts. If you want to improve your mood try focussing on something you can do on your own that lightens your mood. Watched any good films lately?


Resist the urge to plan for the coming week in great detail because almost certainly you will have to react to events in a way that makes those plans redundant. Adopt a mindset that allows you to change direction at a moment’s notice.


There are times when you can do as you please but this isn’t one of them. Cosmic activity in some of the more challenging areas of your chart warn if you don’t follow the party line you could bring down a storm on your head. Don’t rock the boat.

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