Horoscopes for Sunday, March 04, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

A Sun-Neptune link on your birthday will bring your imaginative powers to the fore and help you create something of real artistic value. Make it something that other people can relate to and you could find yourself in the public eye. Enjoy the applause.


Try not to leave what you have to do until the very last minute today or you may find yourself working into the early hours of Monday morning. If you draw up a schedule and stick to it you may be surprised how much free time it earns you.


You must not allow doubts to creep into your mind. The past two weeks have been so amazing that even a slight slowing down may seem like a setback, but it’s nothing of the kind. Stay positive today and you’ll get your second wind tomorrow.


You don’t have to prove that you are the biggest and the best but you will do so anyway. Anyone who doubts that you have what it takes won’t doubt it much longer as you put on a show that leaves your rivals trailing.


Fame and fortune may or may not inspire you but you will experience them anyway. What happens over the next few days will make everyone aware that they take you for granted at their peril. What Taurus wants, Taurus gets. Period.


Demanding relationships will get a whole lot easier over the next few days. Your ruler Mercury moving into the friendship area of your chart on Tuesday you will know just the right words to say to win people over to your point of view.


If you need help you must open your mouth and ask for it. You may be sensitive enough to work out when friends and loved ones require your assistance but that does not mean the reverse is true. Speak up and let them know you’re in difficulties.


No matter how tough the task you now have to undertake you can and you will make a good job of it. Cosmic activity in and around your fellow Fire sign of Aries promises that the week ahead will be as productive as it is enjoyable.


You may appear tough, even ruthless, at times but beneath that no-nonsense exterior beats a heart of gold and someone will be the beneficiary of your generous spirit today. Your gentle touch will surprise a few people, and maybe even yourself.


Try not to get bogged down in petty details because there are so many more enjoyable things you should be doing. Make a point of getting out and about in the world. You have no idea how much it pleases people to see your happy face.


Make sure you are at the top of your game during the early part of the new week because important people are watching you closely and if they like what they see you could soon be moving up in the world. It’s nothing less than you deserve.


No, Lady Luck has not deserted you, No, the universe is not trying to deny you. On the contrary, as the cosmic clock starts its shift toward the most dynamic area of your chart over the next few days you will be more fortunate than most.


No good deed ever goes unnoticed and the planets indicate that your recent efforts will be more than adequately rewarded. Yes, your work is important, but more important by far is your willingness to help other people – that’s what heals the world.

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