Fat Spell


This is a spell it may be used by you on other people but rather on yourself. It’s temporarily if you would like it to be permanent just say so.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 bowl
Your preferred most fattening dishes (not just one)
A full stomach
A liter of your thick drink that makes you gain weight like coke or milk
Clothes that you wear when you are done with the spell

Casting Directions for ‘Fat Spell’

Lets start… Make sure you have lots and lots of fattening food And make sure you belly is full (1) fill the bowl to the top with water It may be tap or bottled (2) get a handful of salt and put it to the water (3) mix until salty (4) drink at least half of it (5) say this

I call upon the gods, hear my plea. Stop my metabolism and allow me to grow big and wide for (as long as you need) Make me gain (how many pounds you need) pounds I grow big and shout with glee. I call to make me!

(6) Once you’re done drink the remainder of the water then eat all of the food and even if you feel sick just eat and eat and eat until its gone. Go straight to bed when you are done. (7) Wake up the next morning, you will feel quite heavy… (8) that you won’t instantly gain after 4 days the weight you desire will become yours but as the weeks go by youll gain 50 pounds everyday. If at some point you can’t bare it say this:

Please start my metabolism make it work again help me lose pounds I didnt ask for this curse pleasr gods!

Msg me if it works I tested it on myself. Before I did the spell I was 78 lbs and 12’m 13 now and I weigh 198 pounds! It is primarily for fun. Because, seriously who dont need to pop buttons?

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  1. Hi. I was wondering what to do if you wish to use this spell on someone else. Do you just replace the I’s and me’s with their name? Or do you do it with their pronouns while keeping it in mind? Do they have to eat the food and be full? Do they have to drink the salt water? Do they have to say the whole thing?


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