Gluttony Curse


Ever jealous of a individual’s body?We this provides a person a curse to “enlarge their stomach”. They will eat recklessly and gain weight no matter what.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Foods like breads and other unhealthy foods
Target’s possession(s)
Target’s Photo
Black Candles
White Candle
Strong Willpower and Tranquility
Lots and lots of energy
Bay Leaves or Agrimony
Bergamont or Sandalwood Oil
Three Trays

Casting Instructions for ‘Gluttony Curse’

1. Meditate about 15 minutes, the more the merrier.

2. Find a dark and silent place/room to do the curse in.

3. Light your surrounding black candle(s).

4. Set down your three trays, one holding the victim’s possession, this tray will be in the center.

5. Place a black candle on the top of the victim’s possession.

6. Light the black candle and chant this: “I light this candle to whom I curse, their name is (name).”

7. After chanting the line a couple of times, set the food and image on the tray to the right.

8. After done, chant this: “I use this food to signify indulgence, let (name) indulge in considerable amounts of food.”

9. Once done chanting, pour the Bergamont or Sandalwood Oil on the foods. Done add the Hemlock. This will reverse the effects of the oils.

10. Say: “I use this oil to represent what shape (title) is in now. I use the herb to reverse their body shape.”

11. Visualize the person. This will increase the procedure.

12. Light the white candle and places the Agrimony or Bay Leaves on either side.

13. Say: “I will use this as protection so (title) doesn’t get damaged” Then burn the Agrimony or Bay Leaves right after. (I recommend this step since they won’t die, you can watch ’em squirm!)

14. Blow the white candle out.

15. Go back to the target’s photo and place the food on top of the photo.

16. This spell will take a good deal of energy so eat directly after unless you like to pass out.

17. Watch as there will be balloons everywhere. This curse will not be permanent but the weight will. This spell can only be used a few times before it becomes inefficient.

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