To Summon Support from the-Elements


This is one way to summon help from the Elements. You use representations of each Element and address the spirits of every element in turn to seek their help. When you’ve completed your task each element is subsequently honoured by returning it to the ground.

You will need the following items for this spell:

White candle (to represent Fire) Small bowl of salt or sand (to represent Earth) Small bowl of water Incense such as bergamot (to represent Air)

Casting Instructions for ‘To Summon Assistance from the-Elements’

Light the candle and the incense. Bear in mind as you do this at this stage that you’re using the Elements of Air and Fire. Call upon the energy of these Elements. Ask for their help in the work you are about to do.

Use your own words but do keep it simple. You might say for Fire something like: I ask your presence, Oh Spirit of Fire I request your help, your power I require. For Air your words may be: Come to me now, Oh Spirit of Air I pray above all for a mind that’s clear Lift the bowl of salt and also invoke the forces of the Earth Element. Say perhaps: Approach now I pray, soul of Earth Assist I really do need, and prove now my value. Do the same with the water and say: Come to me now, Oh, Spirit of Water My feelings are apparent your strength is currently sought for.

When you have finished, sprinkle the sand or salt on the earth, pour the water on the ground, bury the ashes of this incense and snuff out the candle. This is not a spell as such, but more preparation for magical working. Whereas you may throw a circle within which to carry out your more important workings this allows you to establish a sacred space promptly.

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