Dragon Elements


For me, its working! Used for : Gives you a control of elements! Call elements to surrounding you!

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 (element color) candle (optional) Voice Belief Concentration Elements (check my other charms)

Casting Directions for ‘Dragon Elements’

• Sit with your legs in front of you
• If you use candles, place it between your thighs
• Visualise your elements is entering your body and surrounding you and say :

Dragons, hear me! Your elements shall happened! Allow me to be a part with your components! I need (element) because that I would like to have and that is mine! Give me so that will be an honour for you! So shall it be! Please do it! So mote it be!

Still visualising, if you dont feel your element touching your body. Start from the first and really concentrates!
• After visualising, open your eyes!
*** If you use candles, breathe the smoke of your own candles! If you do this step, there is possibility that your will have Dragon Breath ability! Just about chance. I get the skill now! Breathe until the candles off. Hide it! Dont let anybody see it! If anybody see it, your charms has ceased and have to be repeated!
*** If you dont use candles, your electricity will be less than who use candles! This spells won’t stopped unless you say damaging things to dragons and must be repeated!
• Can it every 3 days, who use candles and whos not, use the next version (not using candles)!
• It will take fully consequences after 1 month!
*** List of Powers ***
Wind or Sky : Gives you a slight speed
Fire : Gives you a slight attack
Earth : Gives you a Small defence
Water : Gives you a Small agility
Forest : Gives you a Small regeneration
Other : Contact me (wmarvell007)
*** Side Effects ***
Feels controlling your element
Touch of elements surrounding your body
Feels body are combined with components
Love your elements

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