Fire Dragon


This is a really powerful spell, and must never be practiced indoors and before you have mastered elemental or fire energy gathering and controlling.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Yourself Concentration Peaceful environment

Casting Instructions for ‘Fire Dragon’

1. First you want to meditate and gather a good deal of nature energy . Then convert it into fire energy inside your body ( This is much more powerful than gathering Fire electricity from outside or filling yourself with flame).
Here is how to do it.
2. Go to a peaceful place where you wont be upset. Next sit peacefully and breath 5-8 times slowly and deeply . Next visualize a solid beam of white light coming from the heart of the EARTH entering into your feet . Feel it penetrating and the sensation being produced on your legs due to it.
3. Next imagine this beam of light moving into your heart through your legs. Now imagine energy entering your body from all sides i.e From the ground,, from the wind, from all around you, draw plenty of energy and gather it all in your heart such your heart gets filled with it and it starts filling up your entire body after completing the heart. Keep gathering the energy until it expands outside your body after filling it up.
4. Now compress all this energy from outside the body into the heart such that your heart gets filled with compressed dense energy. Now imagine it getting hot and finally turning into flames and fire.
5. Now feel your heart PUMPING all of a sudden and throwing all this energy in your arms and from arms into your hands . As it flows, feel its heat. Now point your hands up at the sky and imagine a dragon of fire being formed in the skies by the energy you’re releasing .While you are imagining this visualize a rope of fire from your hand to the dragon such you could command the dragon with the rope of fire. Imagine it moving here and there in the sky with your hand also moving along with it due to the rope in your hand.
6. After all the above things, chant out the following words :
” Oh Mighty Dragon of the Fire ,
Give me the energy that I want,
Power of Air and the Water from the sky,
And Earth and Fire that allow you to fly, ”

7. Keep repeating these words and start to feel the energy as the dragon enters into your body and gives you the energy of all the elements.
8. Again I am warning you not to practice it using less energy control as you’ll be in great trouble if the dragon escapes by breaking the rope. Do not practice it indoors.

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