Feeding Through Links


To drain life energy

You will need the following items for this spell:

focus and concentration

Casting Instructions for ‘Feeding Through Links’

Once a link is forged with somebody, you may use the link to feed from them at a distance. The deeper and stronger the connection, the more efficiently you are able to draw energy through it. With the majority of such connections, you don’t even need to focus to draw forth from the individual. To a certain extent, you are in constant contact with that individual, and though the energy you gain from them passively is only minimal, a number of such connections with numerous people would help sustain you in times of need as well as prolong the time it is possible to go between more active feedings.

If you decide to actively empty through a link, there are two good ways of doing so.

First, you can simply focus on pulling some of that individual’s energy to you through the hyperlink. Center yourself. Focus on your connection to that individual, then visualize the individual clearly. Visualize yourself reaching out and touching them to nourish then breathe in, drawing in energy as well as breath.

You might also extend yourself down through the link, initiating a deeper contact with their energy body as you do this. This is a more direct way of feeding from those you’ve subtle links to, and it’s also a lot more obvious to the individual on the other end. As before, focus upon the person and get a very clear image of them in your head. Then concentrate on stretching your subtle senses to that individual, much as you would if you chose to see through their eyes or perceive their emotional state.

When you are successfully focused on them, it is going to seem you are in two places at once. Part of you will be standing or sitting wherever your body is, and you’ll retain some awareness of those environment. Part of you will be focused entirely upon another person and will feel as if it occupies the same space that they do, or is somehow wrapped around them. Once this has occurred, you may initiate a drain, pulling their energy in through your breath because you had done before.

The target of such a drain is very likely to become conscious of it at least on a semi-conscious level. They may suddenly find themselves thinking of you for no reason they can explain. They may smell your perfume or catch sight of you out of the corner of their eye. If they are asleep, they may see you enter their dreams. This is much like conscious dream-walking. The technique behind it is the same. Sensitive targets may actually perceive your presence, seeing you, ghost-like, hovering somewhere nearby.

Of all the things we could do, this has frightened people the most. It serves as the foundation for all the legends and myths of demonic and vampiric nightly visitations. As such, it’s the most revealing of our character and it will quickly expose you to those that happens to. Because of this, this skill should be exercised cautiously and with great discretion.

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