Anger Feeding Hex


If there’s one or more people who snore you and seem to throve from your outbursts, this is ideal for you.
WARNING: This spell uses magic!

You may need the following items for this spell:

Individual who Angers you, angering you
Power to keep cool
Power of Black Magic
Paper and pen(optinal)

Casting Directions for ‘Anger Feeding Hex’

This charm is all about feeding off of a person’s bad words, and using it against them. Whenever someone is either being mean, talking bad about you, yelling at you or angry at you, this is the opportunity to feed off of the negative energy. Most likely this will cause you to Angry, and Anger is what you really need. But rather than exploding in their face, you need to tuck this away negative energy in a part of your soul where it still lives and powers you, but does not effect your emotions too much. You can attempt to hide your angry by clenching your teeth, holding your breath, balling up your fists or biting your tongue or lip. You don’t need it to be too noticeable, or they will notice your up to something. The fact that you aren’t getting angry and that they thrive from your upset, will just Anger them more and power you more. You can feed off of the negative energy now, by paying attention to their words. Instead of letting these words get to your head, soak up their energy. You need to feel their dark aura and absorb it untill they no longer have a reason to be mad, or the ability to do so. When they are still trying to make you mad, you can just smile to make them angry more, and nourish you. Once they are no longer angry or they are to tired to be angry, feed your new energy with your existing anger. If you wish to keep feeding your anger daily because you do not deal with these people, you can create an anger jar. Write down all the mean and horrible things that people have done to you, and seal them in the jar. You can focus your energy on the inside of the jar and feed it with the dark aura and then seal the jar, so the negative energy will flourish in the jar. You are able to read and absorb the things in the jar everyday before you begin the day, and fill it back up with negatives energy at the end of the day. Keep feeding your negative energy each day untill you feel like your energy is going to tip over and spill all over the place. Now is the time to utilize your energy! While your opponent is yelling at you or Angering you, curl your fingers and imagine them filling with black, dark negative energy. Imagine yourself being surrounded by a dark black bad aura and all your energy moving into you hands. Now point your hands at your opponent and flatten out your hands. Imagine all of this dark energy rushing to the individual and breaking through their normal field. Envision it damaging you enemy’s spirit and breaking their heart. Focus on pain and pretend like their burning up and dying. The effects fan vary from making them weak, to having nose bleeds and even passing out. Occasionally they could get ill and barf, but mortal pain is more likely. As soon as you see them in pain, absorb their negative energy and start building up your pot of black magic within your soul to use against them. Then you can just smile and walk away without saying anything. This could instruct your enemy to fear you, for they had underestimated your power. If not, then you should attempt to build up your energy even more and feel more negative thoughts toward them. Practice makes perfect, and the more you dispose them the easier it will be to knock them down!

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