Aura of Clarent


This Alchemic Transmutation is designed after the sword Clarent, twin brother to Excalibur, which gives great power and knowledge to its wielder when needing.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Fire-type Aura (optional)
Auric Knowledge
Aura power charged (don’t use if tired!)

Casting Directions for ‘Aura of Clarent’

Comprehension; -Breath deeply and fully. Picture the Sword of Clarent. Imagine it however you want, but be sure the blade has a flame-like aura on it. Imagine this setting shrouding you and cloaking you in fire. Deconstruction- -Take from the energy and pool it all together into your heart Chakra. Let it rest there for a minute then carry down the energy to your Solar Plexus. Once there, allow the energy radiate and glow in a vibrant flash of light similar to the sun. Feel the warmth of the light run along your limps and course throughout your body. Smell the fragrance of burnt leaves and orange zest with some cinnamon spice. (The scent is important. It’s Clarents signature scent) -Today pool it all together and bind every bit of the energy into your Solar Plexus advertisement refuse to let it go. Imagine storing a star within your Solar Plexus. Feel the great heat try to escape, but with no avail. Hold this as long as possible. Premature release results in fatigue. Your body should be cold. (TEST-Feel skin. All areas except your Solar Plexus should be cold while your Solar Plexus should be extremely hot. This lets you know that the energy is ready.) Recreation- -Publish the bonds on the energy and let it burst into a brilliant flame of crimson and red. Let Clarents odor fill the air again. Allow the newly-born flames rage along your body. (You need to feel really hot) Let the energy continue to spike, even past your body. Commonly, people in the vicinity feel comfortable and sometimes blinded. (really helpful in battle) When ever you use your aura, envision using Clarents aura instead. To Publish the Aura – Summon Excalibur. Let your body instantly cool, dousing Clarent. (must be with Excalibur. Excalibur is the only power that stands against Clarent.) With enough skill, you can actually store Clarents aura within your Solar Plexus and call upon it when needed without going through the Transmutation, but that electricity still needs to be replenished. Ive used this several times. It should work with enough practice. For more Aura Transmutations or Spells, feel freee to message me with special requests. Good Luck, Blessed Be.

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