Elemental enhancement/protection spell


This charm will help protect you from negative energy and spirits and enhance your ability to perform spells.

You may need the following items for this spell:

make sure all these candles can stand on their own:
1 white candle
1 yellow candle
1 blue candle
1 green candle
1 red candle
Spiritual connection (one on your own)
pentacle (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Elemental enhancement/protection spell’

A pentcle is a five pointed star that keeps bad spirits/energy away from you.

First put in your pentcle if you have one.

Second place the candles in the correct spots making a star with you in the middle. Make sure there is enough room for you to be in the center, the candles ar evenly dispersed, and you dont catch on fire.

Place the candles as so: – White on top

– blue to the right

– yellow to the left

– crimson to the right that is lower

– green to the left that is lower

Now light each candle beginning from the white candle (any order will do but lighting the white candle first gives respect to spirit). Now sit in your legs or criss-cross. Make sure youre alone and your mind is clear. You dont need to but while you chant the first line you may make a pentcle with your arm movements if it helps.

Chant: Fire, Spirit, Earth, Water, and Air

Free me from any negative energies that try to interfere

Bless my body and my soul

Allow me to have full control

May the elements shield me for all eternity

So I have said it, so it shall be

Now blow out the candles in any order but make certain fire (red) is the next to last or is the last to blow out and soul (white) is either last or second to continue to blow out. It is more respectful to blow the fire out candle next to last and the soul candle last.

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