Door Fire


Those who try to put in your room through the door you casted door fire upon will immeditly recall a tast they have to do and forget what they wanted to go in your area for.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Black Candle
1 Door into wich you don’t want entry from others
Dragon Resign
Bowl with candle underneath ~glass is perfect no plastic Bowls
Some heat resistant gloves
Red turkey oil

Casting Instructions for ‘Door Fire’

This spell allows you to cast upon your door visitors that aren’t permitted except for those who you trust in with high regards. Those who try to put in your room through the doorway you casted door fire upon will immediately remember a preference they must do and forget what they wanted to enter your room for.

Request the dragon resign, and turkey oil. Light candle visualizing individuals with more absolute things to do other than look past that door you’re casting on. Now make sure the candle is secure and put on heat resistant glasses. Put bowl over flame of candle until dragon resign is completely dissolved in the red turkey oil. Now with a tooth pick or something wooden like a rod, mix the ingredients together and on the door handle outside of the space you want protected, slather the mixture on the door handle. Let set for 4 min. And wash off with a cloth. Let candle burn for a additional 10 min. To seal the charm and pinch it out or smother it out… never blow out the flame or the spell is not any great…. Blowing out a fire makes the element fire feel insulted so its best to smother or pinch out the flame because of this, in addition, it proves you have respect for that element. Your spell is now complete… whenever a person touches that handle to that door; something will pop in their head and go away to do this job.

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