Door Protection/Shield


This Spell is to safeguard and protect Doorways to stop and let anything or anyone that means you harm from crossing the threshold.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Three Tealight candles (Red)or(white)or equally
Red sand
Bay Leaf

Casting Instructions for ‘Door Protection/Shield’

As you may know there’s not really a right or wrong way to cast, so you can add as many or little ingredients as you like. But the more you add the stronger the spell.

This spell can be cast at any time of the day on any day but its best on a new or full moon between 7pm and 12am. On Monday or a Sunday

Runes: /
/ |/
/ | This Can been Drawn Above The Door.

First crush and mix the herbs in a bowl of choice, then add the sand and salt, whilst doing so say a spoonful of Choice requesting a blessing and take minute to focus on the task at hand.

Next light the incense and put it of the left when facing the door.

Now lay a line of the sand and herbs throughout the doorway, you can put it in the door frame or under the rug or mat by the door.

After this lay the 3 candles across the doorway, picking up the incense draw and visualise a protective symbol of choice a cross the door for example: PENTAGRAM,CROSS etc.. And as doing so chant:

Bless this home property of me, protect and guard this door by the forces of three
Powers of three
Powers of three

May I will a shield of steel and strength, to shield me from those of cruel intent.


It be my will and will it be and it hurt none so mote it be.
mote it be
mote it be

Leave the candles from the doorway to burn, its advised to place the candles on a heat mat or something like that so that the tealights don’t burn the carpet.

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