This can help you learn how to control Gravity. With being able to control gravity, you can make things levitate, if you fall ur phone, you can make it come back up until it hits the floor.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Gyrokinesis’

So what you will do here is levitate a stone two inches in the air. First, go outside and find a small rock, maybe a piece of gravel or a pebble about a centimeter in diameter. Go back inside and sit in the lotus position and put the stone on the ground before you. Close your eyes. Now envision a bubble covered in swirling patterns, which symbolize the atmosphere patterns, around the rock, and the bubble getting taller and taller until it’s two inches tall. This bubble is called a magnetic field. While you are visualizing this, also see the bubble filled with transparent red fog, which signifies the gravity that anchors the rock to the Earth. I understand what you are thinking, how do fog be transparent? Do not worry, I only mean that you should make it sparse enough that you can see the pebble from the bubble. Now see the red fog gradually fading and changing to a rich green fog, all the while seeing the stone float higher and higher as the fog changes colour. It turns green because green is the opposite of red, like antigravity. Once it hits the top of the area, let it hang in the air for a while before the green fog immediately pops back to red and the rock drops back to the floor. If you hear the stone hit the ground, then congratulations, you are officially a Gravitybender! Keep practicing this until you can do this without having to concentrate, with your eyes open, and standing up. If you can accomplish this, then you are very lucky because this is a basic but very useful technique. Now for the innovative moves.

Gravity Path- With this ability, you can move an object around in the atmosphere, like on a trail. It is actually extremely like the starter ability we did before. The only difference is that you’re going to form the magnetic field in a path from the air. With this skill, you’re going to need to lift something light, like a crumpled up tissue or a cotton ball. So get whatever you want to use, and put it on the ground in front of you. Now do everything you did in the starter ability, but instead of stopping up two inches, extend the bubble in a path around the room. By way of example, you could extend up the field and make it perform a loop-de-loop in the air, and then allow it to come back to the ground. It’s a really simple skill, but it can be a little more useful than the training ability. Keep doing this till you have mastered it.

Small Vortex- Now this ability is really cool, and it is one of my favorites. With this ability, you may earn a small vortex in the air to pull things toward you. For instance, if you had dropped your cell phone, you can quickly make a vortex to pull it back to you before it strikes the ground. Now this one may take a little time to accomplish. What you do is, crumple up a few tissues and set it in an elevated surface (chair, table, etc.) and sit on the floor facing the surface. Now the beginning part is a bit confusing. Close your eyes, and think to yourself, tell me if the tissues have fallen. Say this over and over in your head for around two to three minutes. It will not make much sense, but when the cells fall, a blue light should flash across your closed eyes. What you are trying to do is, you are going to make a little vortex to pull the tissues off the surface. But because tissues don’t make sound when they fall, you need something to alert you as soon as you have done it. So, your eyes should be closed still, so visualize the tissues on the surface. Now see a ray of light reaching from the center of your forehead to the tissues and see that beam spinning around, still attached to both places. Watch it expanding and turning till it opens up enough to become a vortex. Now use your willpower to will the tissues to be pulled into the vortex and on to the ground in front of you. You should now see a blue light flash across your vision. Open your eyes, and whether the tissues are on the ground, then congratulations, you just learned one of the most useful skills in most of Gravitybending! Keep doing this, and try it with thicker objects until you can do it instantaneously with your eyes open.

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