How to make a Psi Ball


This guide is the most complete/detailed description of the method I use to make psi balls. I attempted to write this article for a three year old so no one would be confused.

You will need the following items for this spell:

your mind

Casting Directions for ‘How to Create a Psi Ball’

Forgive me for being redundant and stupid in many parts, but I just wanted to be sure I covered everything . Additionally, its written for novices – Im not gonna tell you how to throw or add information to them. Here it is, a whole, step-by-step procedure, for making psi balls.
Step 1
Decide where to make the psi ball
Prior to making the psi ball, you have to decide where to make it. You can make it anywhere you desire. You can make it on your hands, at your third eye, across the room, or in china!
The point is… it can be anywhere. Most people choose their hands on. If you are choosing your hands, there are a couple positions you can put them in. Here’s a picture of 3 that I use:
You can create your own personal positions or use these. It doesnt matter. As soon as you find out where your going to make it and get in the correct place, you can move onto step two.
Step 2
Decide your source of energy
Most people use energy from somewhere else to make a psi ball. You can use your energy, however you’ll run out faster and get tired. You can use anything as your source of energy. By way of example, you may use the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, or you may use objects or people. Usually planets/stars/moons are a good choice because they have a lot of energy.
As for me, I choose the Sun when I want to make a sexy psi ball just because thinking of the Sun makes me think of being hot. I choose the Moon for cold psi balls because the Moon is generally dark and makes me think of cold. Overall though, I pick the Earth because its close and it doesnt make me think of a specific temperature. You can select ANYTHING as your source. As soon as you decided, you can move to step 3.
Step 3
Start drawing energy out of your source
Drawing energy from your source is easy. All you have to do is visualize energy coming from your source and penetrating or surrounding your body. Visualizing is just like imagining or pretending, just picture it in your head. It is possible to imagine anything you want, as long as it seems like your absorbing energy from the origin. Some people close their eyes, some dont – do both and see what works for you. For example, I visualize myself standing on the Earth with energy coming from the center, through the floor, and into my body through my toes.
Please bear in mind, this is just an example… you can imagine whatever you want. Heres some thoughts I just came up with:
Your source has a socket and you plug into it and get energy
Your source is above you and a water-fall is flowing over you, coming from the source
Your source is above you and is behaving like a cloud, shooting lightning bolts of energy into you
Your source is feeding you hunks of energy, which you eat
As you can see, anything will work. As soon as you draw energy from your source and you get a continuous flow (could take seconds, could take minutes) you can move onto step 4.
Step 4
Direct the energy within your body to the location youre making the psi ball
Now, while still drawing energy from your source, direct the energy to where youre making the psi ball. When it gets to the place, visualize the energy swirling around in the form of a ball. For instance, I imagine the energy twisting around my arms and swirling around in my hands.
Of course, this isnt exactly what I visualize, but I didnt want to spend hours and hours creating an animation. Some tips while your doing this – when you imagine the energy moving, imagine yourself feeling it move. Additionally, imagine hearing it to. Consider using as many senses as possible, if you pretend to feel it, hear it, and see it, then the visualization is more powerful. Congratulations! Youre making a psi ball!
Step 5
Adding more energy to the psi ball
To add energy, you just keep visualizing the energy entering the psi ball. There are two ways though… one, you could make the psi ball get larger then compress it down, or two, it is possible to make the psi ball denser and leave the size the same. If youre going to make the psi ball larger, I suggest moving your hands apart then bring them closer together once you compress the ball. Note – you aren’t compressing the psi ball with your hands, you have to visualize it. Here is an example:
Personally, I do it another way – leave the psi ball the same, simply make it denser. Here’s What you could visualize:
And thats how you add more energy to your psi ball! Yippee !!!
Step 6
Letting your psi ball go… *sniff*
Well, when its time to get rid of the psi ball, all you’ve got to do is let it go. Thats it. Hopefully you havent grown too attached to it … So, when its time, release your grip and allow the energy filter into the air. Just let it diffuse… and thats it!
Well, you left it. Congratulations! See, its not that tough… this is easy stuff.

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  1. How can I make multiple psi balls at once, as in case of a psi attack with several people attacking one person? If the attacked one stays to build up a psi ball one at a time, he will get killed or down with the manufacturing of second ball. Here a method of creating several psi balls right away would bring a salvation.


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