The Invention of a Bahamut-Spawn



This historic spell dates back a few thousand years and it is not known if it works or has EVER worked. I post this just for scholarship’s sake

Be warned, those who try this spell: this is high-level magic and extremely dangerous to advanced professionals. It is not supposed to be attempted. If you do choose to perform this enchantment, take all possible precautions–make sure you wear a protective amulet strong enough to stave off forces against the abyss itself, and that the subject of this spell is bound tightly with magic bonds.

The purpose of this spell is to summon part of the basis of the powerful primordial being Bahamut into a goal, altering them irrevocably and turning them into an almost-immortal warrior. However, this spell has serious impacts upon the human mind and more frequently than not drives the target into insanity, transforming them into naught but a vassal of Bahamut itself. Be warned. Below is the original text of this spell, taken from the Matrix of Shebosk and translated into English. The annotations in parentheses are only my own clarifications of the spell’s finer points.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A voice Strong magical chains A sacred candle

Casting Instructions for ‘The Generation of a Bahamut-Spawn’

The Invocation of Bahamut and the Creation of Its Children

There is a time in the life span of a sorcerer of true ambition when he finds the need for a minion of unsurpassed strength and power, with the energy and endurance of the best soldier melded into the obedient mind of a vassal. The creation of such a being is possible and indeed has been done before many times previously. The offspring of the following spell will be of the best breed of warrior known however to guy. It will have the strength of thirty fine oxen and the speed of a bird in flight, and will know not death’s embrace despite the wounds inflicted on it. The Children of Bahamut might be killed over and over, but again and again they will rise, made by their own anger much more powerful than before.

But be warned, as the monster I instruct ye how to create is doomed to live a life most wretched and cursed, as though maybe it does not perish it must live with its pain until the end of time. And indeed the mind of the Spawn may be shattered, though its body will fix despite all punishment. Before this spell is used, consider ye, wise soul, the fate of your creation and should ye find pity in your heart return now.

If you proceed to make a Child of Bahamut, ye will need a person of fitness and health, as no other will survive the invocation. And despite the condition of him mind he has to be bound by chains of most powerful quality, and enchanted to withstand the powers here summoned.

Proceed, then, after thy chosen man is ready, to indicate about his body a pentacle (note that the text is very unspecific here. It does not actually list the sort of pentacle you need, but a different, though slightly inferior, transcription of this spell says that only a simple reverse pentacle is required.) From the sanctified ointment that drips from thy holy candle. Then, using the exact divine ink, mark on his chest the emblem of Bahamut, the greatest of the Dark Primordials (The symbol referred to here is simply an ouroboros).

Touch, then, in turn the points of the pentacle, and mark upon every single rune of these five: Hunger, Strength, Plague, Fury and Resistance. (Note that it does not list the precise runes or the language needed, but any runic script works here as long as all are in precisely the exact same language. Considering Bahamut’s origin, Babylonian may be a fantastic choice.) After the runes are placed, touch each again in turn, while speaking its name aloud.

Next invoke Bahamut itself, summoning the Dark Primordial through the power of the pentacle. Speak aloud like in order to start the portal to the Warp and complete the summoning: “Bahamut, best of the Dark Primordials, I offer up this shell as a vessel for thy power. Meet the mind within with thy own and merge thy energies with this link into the natural world. Consume, empower, infect, enrage, and sanctify this body so that it never again may die and will walk as a host to thy glory.”

After the incantation Bahamut’s energies will surge into the given host, altering it and changing it into a virtually immortal warrior to serve thy cause.

Now begins thy true test for a mage. Using the powers given to thee, thou must now separate Bahamut in the chosen host. This may be done using any sort of power, but may indeed destroy the trying sorcerer. If the link is cut in time, the guy into which Bahamut was summoned will be man no more, but a hybrid or unsurpassed power. If the attempt to break the relationship fails, thou and the host shall both be consumed by the forces of the Warp.

Once the spell is complete, merely break the pentacle. Take care, though, with all the new Child of Bahamut, as it shall greatly exceed thee in bodily power if not magic and has to be persuaded to serve rather than destroy.

This spell may only be reversed by the forces of Seraph itself, if he chooses to grant his blessings to the spell-born being created with the method here recorded.

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