To Bond with Witches of the Past


Although it is unethical to summon spirits of ancestors, yours or otherwise, this spell will open up a bridge between you and the knowledge of the witches of the past, to help bring knowledge and wisdom to your job. This charm is great work for those who are just starting out

You will need the following items for this spell:

13 t-light candles altar (set up as you wish) Meditation Pillow or Seat Incense (of your own choice) Bread/Roll/Bun Salt Water or Milk

Casting Directions for ‘To Bond with Witches of the Past’

Set up your altar as you wish in a room where there’s a window taking a look at the complete moon as it rises (Or perform this outside if the weather permits. Your altar should be simple enough to have room for the offerings. Set up may help. Infront of the altar start forming a circle with the 13 candles. The diameter should be broad enough so that in the middle of the circle you can sit with your meditation pillow.
When prepared, Light the altar candles and invoke the gods you associate with the arts of witchcraft, such as Apollon, Herne, Vainimoinen, Bast, Cerridwyn or Hekate. Follow this up with the following:
God/dess _______, To you I pray. Here I am. On this holy night I ask of thee. Bless this circle and myself with your powers and your grace. And at exactly the same time, bring to me the wisdom and understanding of those witches who lived before me. Help open my mind and with the guiding power of the entire moon bless me. Follow this up by lighting the incense and offer it to the god/s. Then follow this us by offering the bread, salt and libation. By this time you should feel divine presence near you.
After a brief pause of divine thanks start lighting the candles about you, one at a time. With every candle you light talk the following: Guiding light, witchs sight. Bring me the wisdom of ancient witches this night.

When done, sit down in the circle on your pillow or chair. Take a few deep breaths and talk the following: Divine ______, god/dess of the mystic and magical arts. Guardian of witches present and past, to you I pray. On the bright full moon night I request you to help me understand the arts of those witches who have come before me. And in case you so deem, help me in the quest to be the best witch I can be. Not effective but wise. Grant me I ask, on this full moon night.
Priests of Shamans of the very earliest of times, Astrologers of Assyrian night sky, priests and priestesses of ancient Aegyptiam sands, Oracles of the temples of Hellas, Witches and Wizards of times gone by. I ask of them, send me any powerful words of wisdom, any gifts of understanding, any powers you might wish to lend me. So that I can carry on the proud and noble arts of Magic and witchcraft from your time to my time. Give me the understanding of what it means to be a witch. This I ask humbly of thee.
Now slip into a meditative state. Think back, project the mind to times gone past, to the inner temples and caves of the past. See and wonder as you see these shamans and witches perform their rites of magic and paganism. Hear their words and observe their arts. Recall them if possible. Do not rush this meditative procedure. Stay with it as long as possible. At least till the t-lights burn out (which is about 2 hours) The images you see should look like a movie but like you’re actually there. Refrain from inducing pictures from TV shows and films, since these aren’t real and just confuse you. Let the images come to you. You ought not only be able to see whats being shown but feel the ground and smell the air.
When done thanks the gods most respectfully. You may now want to record some visions you had and wish to remember in a diary book. When done recording what need be, blow the candles out. Never snuff them out with your fingers as this is disrespectful. As you blow out each candle speak With loves sweet kiss.
The rite is now done. You may wish to execute this each full moon as you feel you are in training. Every time you perform this, you should gain new insight and at the exact same time feel that the witch inside you grow stronger.

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