Voodoo Doll for Advanced Witches


A highly effective voodoo doll with a cloaking spell in it to ensure the victim is unaware of their manipulation. It should BE mentioned that this spell may be used for physical injury but works more effectively for spiritual and mental manipulation.

You may need the following items for this spell:

-Your targets nail clippings, hair, blood, spit, skin(the more you have the greater)
-Rice/bean filling(or alternative to suit your preference)
-Handwriting of your goal(A boosted plus)
-Targets name, composed
-cloth (works even better if it belongs to them)
-sewing kit(if it is a binding doll, black headed pins, if healing/binding specific chakras, use corresponding colors, if a physical for injury doll, use black and red)

Casting Instructions for ‘Voodoo Doll for Advanced Witches’

Make the ring by cutting the fabric into the form of a humanoid figure. Not too small or you wont be able to fulfill your ingredients into it. Ensure it is approximately 6inches tall by 3 inches wide. Make certain that you make the arms thick enough to place your filling. The bigger the doll, the easier it’ll be to channel energy into your ring and pins. When you have sewn the doll, start to fill it up with your filling material. When you are half full, start placing targets personal items into it.
NOTE; If you’re making a HEALING DOLL use crystals and other healing herbs inside the doll. If you’re making a HEX DOLL with intention of PHYSICAL HARM or DEATH, add things such as animal bones(or human if you can get your hands on them), dead bird’s feathers, dead creatures blood(place it in a WELL SEALED container at the doll for illness and health safety). For Ill purpose dolls, the more personal items you put in, the better. NOTE END.
Finish filling the doll after all things have been added. When finished, sew the opening and start to mediate on the dolls function. Be specific and if it helps, state your intentions out loud.
NOTE; If the doll has been preformed on another witch or they’re capable of being aware of being manipulated through magickal purposes, create a binding knot magick string to hide and hide the doll. Make sure that it is strong, your doll is going to be strong, the cloak needs to be stronger. NOTE END.
After that, add pins as nesseccary, stating/meditating on the intent of each pin.
In case you have an ill intent doll, keep it well hidden, and protect yourself as much as possible in the event of magick back lash.

Stay safe lovelies!

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