Diana’s Gift: Letting Go of Sorrow


When you still feel sorrow due to previous experiences with others and have done all you can in the way of communication and action subsequently come to Diana.

You will need the following things for this spell:

White flowers in a vase Seven white candles in holders A knife Metal or ceramic thick bowl Tongs A spade A handful of Epsom salts Pen and paper Censor and censor coal Incense:2 components myrrh Half-part cinnamon 1 part dried mint

Casting Directions for ‘The Gift Of Diana: Letting Go of Past Sorrow’

Altar: Arrange the flowers, candles and censer with the seven candles at a half diamond pattern, the tip of the half diamond toward the back of the altar. Everything else goes to the side of the altar.
On a night when the moon is waning, to be followed up the next morning.
From the candle-lighting section you need to participate in and react to the Goddesss controls, participating in the inner work that is required. This is an in-depth procedure that is between the Goddess and you. Be patient with your portion of the process.
Body of Ritual: Put a little incense on a lit censer coal. Await the smoke to rise say:
Lady, many have been my sorrows;
Innocent gifts of love,
And gardens of paradise,
Battered and crushed at others hands.
A hand held out in trust,
The shattered illusion of perfect human love,
These are the dark pools of memory
About which I pray.
Sprinkle more incense on the coal, then say:
I have done what I could,
To write, to talk, to speak the truth.
I’ve done what I could,
To banish the pain from my thoughts.
But still I’m injured
And the pain still rises in my memory.
I’m in need of one more powerful than I,
And so I pray, Diana, come and heal my soul
Sprinkle more incense on the coal, then say:
O Queen of Earth and Heaven,
Mistress of hope and courage,
Lady of magic that heals and mends,
Hear my prayer.
Help me to release these past sorrows.
It is my desire to give up my weight.
And so I pray, Diana, come and heal my spirit.

Sprinkle more incense on the coal, then state:
Lady; even at the shadow does expect ascend.
For you now stand.
Your prism-colored light seeps into my soul
As you urge me to step out from my aging armor.
Speak to me, O Lady who’s Goddess of all things.
Hear Her words, allow them to enter your heart as She speaks:
I, Diana, carry in My Divinity,
The scales of justice
Along with the sword of change.
Listen to My words and
I will bring you peace and healing.

Let My orders travel deeply into your soul,
And light will enter into darkness.
For I am the sunrise, the Mother of Morning Light,
And I will renew your spirit.
In power and love I say
Be brave, and prepare for change,
Recognizing the shadows time is at an end.
Say: Hail Diana and bow your head. In the next part of the rite, respond to Her commands. Take as much time as you will need to answer each one. Watch the goddess before you. You will be light seven candles, one for each command. Light the first candle on the left. Hear Diana speak:
Adopt the memory of your experience.
Don’t be fearful.
Explore the memories which have continued to disturb you. Remember them, feel them. Write down key words from every circumstance. Light the candle to the right of the first. Hear her speak:
Let every hurt rise up from the pool of darkness,
And I will take them from you.
Review each situation again. For each hurt, allow the pain to rise up like a cloud. See it drift upward and away from you. Let Diana take it, transform it into light, and then disperse it. So don’t hurry, this is important work. See, feel, launch. Add more incense as needed.
Light the 3rd candle. Take up the ceramic or metal bowl and the paper which you’ve written on. Holding one edge of the paper, light the corner. Let it burn, holding it as long as you can; then drop it into the bowl. If a small corner remains unburned, use the tongs to pick this up and relight it, or if very small, put it on the censer coal.

Sprinkle the incense on the coal, light the 4th candle and hear Diana say:
Bathe in my pool of rest and renewal.
Visualize a gorgeous woodland setting with a small lake or pool of water. Feel yourself glide into waters of renewal and rest. Float in these waters, allowing your mind to remain blank. Light the 5th candle. Hear Her speak again:
Believe in your strength and goodness.
Forgive your imperfections.
See yourself rise up from her waters of renewal. Forgive your imperfections. Feel strength and your own goodness start to radiate from you. Light the 6th candle.
Know the weakness of others.
Forgive them their imperfections.
Call to mind those who caused you pain. Forgive them their imperfections. Place them at the hands of the Goddess. Light the 7th candle. Hear Her voice:
Soon to bed, and also to restful sleep.
I’ll watch over you tonight,
O brave soul who is full of courage.
To sleep, and blessed fantasies attend you,
O much-honored votary.
Immediately after the rite, have a bath in which you have placed a handful of Epsom salts. Allow the candle burn down, and then go to bed. The next morning, have a spade and dig a hold outside. Bury the ash from the paper and anything that’s left of the censer coal. Cover with soil, stamp the soil firmly saying:
Fire turned to ash,
Ashes buried in Earth,
Diana, the morning light,
I, the dawn of rebirth!

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