The Triple Goddess Body Spell and Mind’


(Have no unnatural lighting and perform your job with quite environment. Then cast your circle. After light all the candles and get comfortable. Try going deep within your mind as much as possible while dong this spell. Just keep repeating the spell, chanting its every word. Feel the power of your chant working up its energy and blending with the ability of the Goddesses.)

You will need the following items for this spell:

Set up your altar to represent the 3 Goddesses of your choosing, 1 for Maiden, 1 for Mother, 1 for Crone. Also Have at least one Silver candle, but 3 is favored. An offering to your goddesses would also be beneficial. The remainder of the altar can be set up however feels right to you. Including other candles with specific colors that encourage this spell. Herbs, stones, etc.. .

Casting Instructions for ‘The Triple Goddess Mind and Body Spell”

Repeat as needed…
Mother, Maiden, Crone
Make my mind at ease,
Grant me balance and
Grant me peace,
Goddesses I am with you,
So be with me.
Mother, Maiden, Crone
Make my body at ease,
Grant me with your serenity
And grant my body
With strengthening that is good,
Oh Goddesses I thank thee,
So Be It, Blessed Be.

(After you feel you have reached a point where you don’t need to chant and have successfully worked up enough energy. You may either select between meditating until the candles burn out. Of course which may also require someone with there down meditation skills. Otherwise drinking your favorite tea with music going in the back ground as you do something rather calming, like in case you like writing or drawing. Just try to do something relaxing until the candles completely move out.)

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