Your wings to Boost


This functions in the shower and takes up four candles to five candles (if you want to summon the soul element). It’s for people that have the shower stall only. ( ft in) is for wing length, make it .12 (American for foot, check your metric system for measurement by one metre) x the pounds or kg if you reside in Europe or Japan. ( ) is you inputting the answers.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 down feathers (or ones you make from paper) 4 (5 if spirit is comprised) A feather (coloured or legal*) salt voice tape

Casting Directions for ‘Reformed Recipe to Grow your wings’

Pick out the shower and tape the down feathers into the wall (make sure it’s water proof)

While taking a hot shower, close your eyes and visualizing unfurling your wings. Then Open your eyes after placing each hand over the tape and visualizing you flying everywhere you please. Light the candles and say, “Oh Fire, Earth, Air, Water/And Spirit, I call to you in my crescent. I hold a desire I cherish greater than the moon. I wish to fly above ye Earth; I wish to soar in your Air ; I want to spread my wings and fly over Fire; and I wish to flutter above ye water. I need more than Spirit flight”

Now lift the wing feather (*See below) and hold it over your heart, stating: Make my wishes true. I Hold a father to my heart because it came from the bird that I envy. WIth wings of ( ) it soars make me like this bird: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, allow wings strong enough to carry me stay hidden when I close them to my spine. Human and Bird in one bound to my spirit. I offer to you, whom ever make make my wish true and that I will be forever loyal to you for giving me wings of your hawks and birds to fly with them and remain human at exactly the exact same time. Like an angel. Thank you.”

Now sprinkle salt in the circle, giving thanks and reasons for flying with your own wings. It should come to the end if you run out of salt, or at the rush (I did that so Mother would not shout at me for witchcraft, even though I’m the grownup) Then dowse each candle with rain water and flush them out saying, “Earth I release you from my ( ) in hopes you will spell me into the hair like the bird. Air I release you from my ( ) In hopes that you will grab me and hold me close to you. Fire I release you from my ( )in hopes you will use your heat to bring me aid in my target rather than pain. Water I release you from my ( ) in hopes that you will cleanse my soul to make it light enough to fly. Spirit I release you from () in hopes you’ll make your being bodily so I can fly in mind and body with wings of (color). You should have some rain water that you saved from the rain fall. What you do today is to combine the rain water with some salt blended with shower water and boil it with the down feathers (if real) or if paper, then cut off some downy part of the feather and boil it until it is weird soupy thing. (Just don’t chow down on it but smear it on between your shoulder blades). Then wait 29.5 hours before washing it off in the shower. Put the rest in the small bottle on the necklance (fairy dust necklaces make good substitute) and string the feather onto the necklace. Take the potion bottle necklace off if your wings grow but not the feather. My folks used to wear feathers all the time even in Western clothing (even if they were kicked out from Georgia and Tennessee and went to Oklahoma) If you find it weird, remember that Nathienel Boone formerly wore feathers in his garments.

* Now for the feather part, particular feathers in america are prohibited to own unless you are Native American (AKA Pawnee, Cherokee, Apache, etc.) Apart from that, have fun dying eagle feathers to the spell and having particular color feathers in the turkey or goose wings. I know some people wet their pants about using feathers from birds, but some birds are protected by law for apparent reason.

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