A Spell With No One Particular In Mind


You should cast this spell if you’re looking for true love but have no one particular in mind. Cast it outdoors, especially beside a stream or river. To cast the spell, you need rose petals from a live wild rose. When you have cast the spell, wiccans will approach the wild rose plant with reverence asking for permission before the petals are plucked, then show gratitude for the plant’s generosity.

When you’re plucking the rose petals, you should visualize someone with all the ideal qualities you look for in a partner. These include generosity, humor and many more. Bring the petals to a river or stream and hold them in your hands completely cupped. Don’t forget to visualize the qualities you’re looking for in a partner while dropping them in the flowing water.

Repeat the words ‘as this bloom is taken downstream, may I find the love of which I dream and let it be done, that it harm no one.’ Now the spell is cast.

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