The Misunderstood Voodoo Dolls


The Misunderstood Voodoo Dolls Voodoo dolls are the most wondrous, yet misunderstood tool from old, Haitian voodoo on the market.

Many people associate voodoo dolls with torment. While it’s true that pricking these little guys with pins can be used to try and harm your enemies, this is only one result a voodoo doll can bring. To understand the way a voodoo doll works, you should know that they’re capable of bringing many blessings, happiness, wealth, and power. They’re also capable of destruction.

The Color Of The Pin

Colors bring out emotions like no other. People often feel a calming effect when they think of, or see the color blue. The voodoo doll is manipulated through differently colored pins. Blue does not stand for peace, according to New Orleans voodoo. Blue is supposed to to bring love to whomever the doll represents.

Pink is an extremely vibrant, and hyper color. It has an effect that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Pink is significant in the voodoo world because of it’s ability to bring happiness. A pink pin might be just the thing to perk your friend, or loved one up.

When we think of money, we tend to think of green. A long time ago, yellow was more closely associated. When voodoo was first invented, people used gold in exchange for goods. If you’re feeling like you won’t be able to sum up the money to pay your rent next month, stab a yellow pin deep into your dolls fluff.

Sickness happens to all who are human. They’re irritants, and disease all around us. We may not be able to repel all the harmful germs that can potentially enter our bodies. However, we can do something to speed up our recover, or the recovery of a loved one. A black pin is the pin to choose if you are into bringing pain relief, or healing.

Concentrate On the Color Symbol

It’s important to think deeply about your desires while fully absorbing the color, and it’s meaning, of the pin. Meditate on what you want for several minutes. Keep your eyes in contact with the pin at all times. Send as much energy, and concentration as possible. Hold the doll in your arms while you complete this process.

Once You’re Clear As To What You Want

When you’re certain that you know what you want, and you have it clearly visible in your mind, it’s time to strike the doll with that pin. Put the pin in the doll’s stomach region, or heart region. This will help support your heart’s desires. If you’re interested in obtaining knowledge, you should stick the pin in the voodoo doll’s head.

Multiple Pins in Voodoo DollsIt’s Okay To Use Multiple Pins, Just Repeat The Process

You do not have to swipe voodoo dolls clean of all pins before using them for another spell. If you’re interested in using your voodoo doll for a dash of luck, and money. Simply repeat the step before with the next pin you desire.

Be Patient

Wait for your personal power to grant you what you desire. This may be a course of several days, or several months. Remember that personal power is driven by our own strengths. Keep your attitude positive, and your work ethic lively. The universe will grant you what you want if your desire, and karma are in your favor.

How To Use Voodoo Dolls For Revenge

Some are curious about how voo doo dolls reached their fame, and their popular misconception. Voo doo dolls are always seen in the movies as torture devices. They’re able to inflict pain on the voodoo’s owner’s enemies. This is said to be done by taking the hair of your enemy and placing it on the doll. Then you’re supposed to be able to stab away, and this supposedly inflicts pain.

Buying A Voodoo Doll

Many choose to buy a voodoo doll online because of the convenience. An authentic voodoo doll can run you as low as $32. Depending on the age of the voodoo doll, this price may vary. Antiques are more valuable. Voodoo polls can also be made at home with some fabric, and a sewing machine. Some have even chosen to make their voodoo dolls out of rubber bands.

The pins can be purchased for under ten bucks on amazon. They do not have to be special voodoo pins to work. They can be regular sewing pins that happen to be multicolored.

It’s Been Around For Ages

A practice that’s been around for thousands of years hasn’t been able to hold it’s own for no reason. Thousands of people still hold the voodoo doll to be part of their religion. With so much instructed into the doll, there must be something to the practice of using one. It’s cheap, fun way to enjoy voodoo magic.

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