The Marriage Bottle


This is a spell jar used to call one’s soulmate and bring forth love eternal. Please note, preparation and execution takes two days.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Dagger Heart Shaped Bottle (should be a fairly good size) with Cork Cauldron (Cast Iron is Ideal) Mixing Spoon (It should be at least 1 tbsp) Silver spoon (For scooping and putting into the jar) 1 Scoop Mugwort 1 Scoop Lemongrass 1 Scoop Rosemary 1 Scoop Meadowsweet 2 Scoops Hibiscus 3 Cinnamon Sticks 1 Scoop Mandrake 1 Scoop Peppermint 1 Scoop Black Tea 1 Scoop Basil Peaceful Home Oil Love Spell Oil Love Me Oil Come to Me Oil Adam and Eve Oil Convince Oil Holy Death (Two bottles) St. Michael Oil Follow Me Oil Attraction Oil Marriage Oil

Casting Directions for ‘The Marriage Bottle’

On the first night: Use the scooping spoon to include all of the herbs into the cauldron, and then mix them together. Focus all of the loving energy you can into the mixing of these herbs, digging deep into the core of your soul to the purest light you can. Allow the energy infuse itself. Leave the cauldron, with the herbs inside. (On a nightstand by your mind is the best place). And let them sit overnight.

The next morning: Stir the herbs thrice more, filling the herbs with more energy. Begin spooning the herbs to the heart shaped bottle, be careful not to spill, (you’ll spill a little and thats ok, just try to not spill too much). When the bottle is full of herbs, begin adding the oils. (There is not any particular order in which they must be added).

When the jar is full, cork it, and catch your dagger. Use your dagger to direct your spell, and say a few words asking for what you want, and pushing your desire into the world. An example of what you could say is;

I bless this bottle,
I bless these herbs,
I bless these oils,
Allow my call be heard.
Bring my soulmate,
Bless my life,
Forever happy,
Until the end of time.

The words can be altered to your taste without affecting the outcome of the spell. Take the sealed bottle and store it in a secure location. The time for results varies per person, so be patient.

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