Quartz and Candle


Casting instructions for a quartz and candle spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Candle and your intent associated. Quartz crystal.

Casting Directions for ‘Quartz and Candle’

For this spell you’ll require a candle and a quartz crystal. It is also beneficial to perform this spell on a day whos properties are associated with your intent, though you dont necessarily have to(I have provided a listing of candle colors to help you pick one related to your intent. I also have supplied a list of the days of the week and their correspondences. Both lists can be found below.)
Candle Colors:

White: Protection, purification, peace, truth, and sincerity.

Red: Protection, strength, health, vitality, lust, sex, passion, courage, exorcism.

Black: curing diseases and ruining Absorbing, and banishing.

Light Blue: Tranquility, healing, patience, happiness.

Dark Blue: Change, flexibility, the subconscious mind, psychic work, and healing.

Green: Finances, fertility, money, prosperity, growth, luck, and employment.

Gray: Neutrality.

Yellow: Intellect, fascination, research, persuasion, confidence, and divination.

Brown magic for healing animals, animals, and the house.

Pink: Love, honor, and friendship.

Orange: Adaptability, stimulation, and attraction.

Purple: curing diseases Power, spirituality, and meditation.
Days of the Week:

Monday: The day of fertility, the moon, and healing.

Tuesday: The day of Mars, strength, and courage.

Wednesday: The day of Mercury, communication, study, and travel.

Thursday: The day of fortune, luck, and Jupiter.

Friday: Venus, love, and relationships’ day.

Saturday: The day of Saturn and clearing obstacles.

Sunday: The Day of the Sun, health, and success.
Once you have picked the candle best suited to your intent, use the tip of the crystal to either write a sentence describing what you desire or draw a symbol associated with your intent into the face of the candle.
Once this is done, light the candle and picture it glowing with the energy of your intent. As the candle burns down visualize it releasing your desire and sending it out to be fulfilled.
For instance, if you were casting this spell for security, you could wait until a Tuesday. Use the crystal to split a symbol of a shield to the candle’s face. Light it and then visualize the candle being filled with protective energies. Visualize it sending out energy that is protective to either shield you or a loved one as the candle burns .
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