The Briar Bottle or Bottle of Briars


This spell is to always drain luck from your preferred victim. This is a fantastic spell for revenge on a person who has wronged you. This spell is to be performed at midnight on any day of the month that has a waning moon phase.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Three briars (thorns) of any plant.
A rosebush’s leaf.
A black liquid (advocated that the liquid is something nonflammable for your own safety.)
A grasshopper of any era.
A bottle with a lid or stopper.
A candle.

Casting Directions for ‘The Briar Bottle or Bottle of Briars’

Before you do anything, it’s a fantastic idea to charge your black candle with negative energy to make the desired outcomes.

While you are preparing your items, place your black liquid over a stovetop to heat it, and light the black candle. Be sure that there is enough of the liquid to fill the majority of the bottle.

While your liquid is heating, put the 3 briars, diseased rose leaf and the grasshopper from the bottle. Once your liquid is ready, gently pour your hot liquid into the bottle, over the other components. It’s a good idea to use a funnel to avoid making a mess.

Like I mentioned before, make certain you have enough of the liquid to fill the majority of the bottle, as there has to be sufficient to kill the grasshopper in the bottle. Whether it be due to the warmth or drowning in it.

Keep the bottle from sight in a secure place. The hex can be removed at any time by pouring the contents out of the bottle.

Notes to be aware of:
The waning moon represents your victims chance diminishing, day by day.
The black candle is for additional assistance to achieve your aims by burning negative energy.

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