Bottle of Healing


A quick, simple potion for small cuts or scratches. Proven to work on multiple men and women.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Preferably glass or jar, any bottle
Mortar and pestle
Sterile water (preferably river water)
Offerings for your god/goddess

Casting Instructions for ‘Bottle of Healing’

Gather your ingredients and invoke your water god/goddess, or the element of water if you dont worship one, laying out your offerings after. Chant the following as many times, and as fast or slow, as you see fit as you grind the almonds into a fine powder. (God/goddess name), give me your energy, Imbue these almonds along with your blessing. That is my wish, so mote it be. Once you are finished, pour the water into your bottle or jar. Pray to your god/goddess and scatter the powder to the liquid. After you have distilled all of the powder in the water, close the ritual. To use: Get a clean, smooth cloth and pour some of the potion onto a corner of it. Remember, a little goes a long way. Press the moist cloth to your wound and hold it for around thirty seconds. This may result in a little bit of puffiness around where it was–this is completely natural, dont freak out! The potion is supposed to do this. If it doesnt, dont worry. Take a small sip of the potion immediately after and then break for a couple of hours to allow your body to heal entirely. For more serious cuts, visit a doctor and use the potion with any medicine they give you. There are times in life where we dont have time to prepare an elaborate ritual. Thats alright, Ive got you covered. Adding an almond into a paste-like consistency, then apply to your wound. Leave it there for a few moments–just enough for the puffiness to start–and then rinse it off and carry off with your daily life. I use this form most often, and it works the most for me, so Id recommend this if the potion itself doesnt work.

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