Chakra Healing Bag


This is only one of many herbal bags you can make to enhance the health of your chakras.

You may need the following items for this spell:

All herbs are listed along with their consequences below.

Casting Instructions for ‘Chakra Healing Bag’

Chakra Healing Herbal Bag:

1. Marjoram – Root Chakra – comfort, security Sacral Chakra – relations Heart Chakra – healing, love, relationships Third Eye – healing, psychic abilities Crown Chakra – consciousness

Other issues addressed by Marjoram – The following life, attraction, calm, comfort, community, concentration/focus, connections, family, grief, joy, healing, hexes (to protect from), innocence, isolation (to ease), love, black magic, defensive magic, marriage, memory (to encourage/ access), money, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic ability, purification, relationships, release, safety, sleep, regret (to facilitate), stress (to relieve), unity, heat, well-being, witchcraft

2. Sage – Root Chakra – comfort, grounding, stability Heart Chakra – balance, healing, love release truth Third Eye – clairvoyance, visions, wisdom Crown Chakra – consciousness, knowledge, spirituality

Other issues addressed by Sage – equilibrium, business, clairvoyance, relaxation, concentration/ focus, consecration/ bless, consciousness, divination, energy, fear, fertility, gratitude, grounding, advice, harmony, healing, insight, introspection, knowledge, life, longevity, love, magic, memory, the mind (clear), money, negativity, obstacles, peace, power, prophecy, prosperity, protection (psychic), psychic ability, purification (overall/ ritual), quests, discharge, alteration, secrets, the senses (strengthen), spirits, spirituality, stability, stimulations, strength, stress, truth, visions, heat, wealth, well-being (mental), wisdom, wishes

3. Chamomile – Root Chakra – grounding, emotional stability Sacral Chakra – imagination Solar Plexus – Energy, sensitivity Heart Chakra – balance, recovery Throat Chakra – communication, creativity Third Eye – healing, insight

Other issues addressed by Chamomile – anger, stress, attraction, balance, beauty, blessings, calm (emotions), communication, creativity, determination, dream work, energy, gentleness, grounding, growth, harmony, healing, hexes (break), insight, introspection, intuition, justice, love (attract), luck, reflection, money, moods, nightmares, patience, peace (internal), issues, prosperity, purification, security (emotional), sensitivity, sleep, stress, success, support, dreams, wealth, wishes

4. Valerian – Root Chakra – meet needs Sacral Chakra – creativity Throat Chakra – creativity

Other issues addressed by Valerian – anger, stress, blessings, calm, challenges, communication, creativity, endings, happiness, harmony, healing, learning, longevity, love, the mind (calmness), money, needs (emotional), peace, pleasure, issues, protection, purification, reconciliation (after quarrels), love, self-work, sensitivity, sleep, spirits, anxiety, truth

5. Angelica – Root Chakra – safety, stability Heart Chakra – balance, recovery Throat Chakra – Inspiration Third Eye – healing, insight, visions Crown Chakra – Spirituality

Other issues addressed by Angelica – acceptance, attraction, balance, banish, beauty, beginnings, bind, calm, community, consecrate/ bless, defense, divination, dream work, energy (religious), friendship, growth, harmony, healing, hexes (break, protect from), insight, inspiration, introspection, longevity, magic (angel), messages/ omens (from angels, dreams), negativity, peace, power (female), problems, protection (celestial), purification, safety, self-work, the sensations (listening), regret, spirits (holy), spirituality, stability, stimulation, strength, stress, support, visions, witch craft (protect from)

6. Jasmine – Root Chakra – emotional stability, Sacral Chakra – sexuality Heart Chakra – affection, beauty, healing, relationships Throat Chakra – communication, inspiration Third Eye – healing, intuition, wisdom

Other issues addressed by Jasmine – anxiety, astral realm, attachments, appeal, balance (psychological), beauty, bind, calm, clarity, communication, consecrate/ bless, protection, dream work, grace, happiness, harmony, healing, creativity, inspiration, justice, light, pregnancy/ childbirth, issues, prosperity, protection, psychic ability, purification, relationships (romantic), love, self-work, sensuality, sexuality, sleep, spirits, spirituality, stimulation, stress, support, visions, wealth, well-being

7. Bergamot – Sacral Chakra – Emotions Solar Plexus – confidence, courage Heart Chakra – balance

Other issues addressed by Bergamot – stress, assertiveness, ability, awareness, balance, calm, concentration/ focus, confidence, control, courage, discipline, dream work, emotions, encouragement, energy, goodness, despair, happiness, stability, hexes (break), love (open to), stress, success, support, wealth, youth

8. Mugwort – Sacral Chakra – emotions Solar Plexus – authority Heart Chakra – compassion, healing Throat Chakra – discharge Third Eye – clairvoyance, healing, psychic abilities

Other issues addressed by Mugwort – animals (protect from), astral realm, authority, awareness, banish, beginnings, blessings, clairvoyance, community, consecrate/ bless, danger, defense, divination, dream work, compassion, energy (psychic), fertility, guidance, happiness, love, magic, messages/ omens (dreams), power (overall, magical), security (psychic), psychic ability, purification, discharge, reversal, skills, sleep, spirits (general, see), strength, travel, visions, weather (lightning), witch craft

9. Hibiscus – Sacral Chakra – freedom, passion, sexuality Solar Plexus – sensitivity Third Eye – clairvoyance

Other issues addressed by Hibiscus – clairvoyance, concentration/ focus, consecrate/ bless, determination, divination, energy (sexual), freedom (sexual), stability, love (bring), lust, obstacles, passion, peace, power, psychic ability, sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality, unity, warmth

10. Basil – Sacral Chakra – fertility Solar Plexus – confidence, courage Heart Chakra – balance, healing, love, relationships Throat Chakra – release Third Eye – clairvoyance, clarity, psychic abilities

Other issues addressed by Basil – the after life, assertiveness, attraction, balance, banish, business, calm (internal), cheerfulness, clairvoyance, clarity, concentration/ attention, confidence, courage, protection, subject, divination, energy, family, fertility, fidelity, friendship, goodness, despair, happiness, healing (relationships), hexes (break), the home (calm), honesty, influence, love (reconcile), chance (attract), magic (angel, defensive), memory, messages, omens, the brain (clear), cash, negativity, calmness, power, problems, prosperity, protection, psychic ability, purification, relationships, discharge, the senses (smell), sexuality, sorrow, stimulation (mental), strength, stress, success, sympathy, trust, wealth, wishes, witchcraft

11. Lilac – Heart Chakra – love Throat Chakra – imagination, inspiration Third Eye – clairvoyance

Other issues addressed by Lilac – adaptability, attraction, equilibrium, banish, beauty, business, clairvoyance, community, concentration/ focus, creativity, divination, dream work, emotions, friendship, happiness, stability, hexes (break), the house, inspiration, life, lighting, longevity, love, luck, magic (defensive), memory (past life), the mind (clear), calmness, problems, prophecy, protection, purification, rebirth/ renewal, safety, spirits (attract, contact), spirituality, well-being

12. Lavender – Root Chakra – grounding, stability Sacral Chakra – relations, creativity, emotions, sexuality Solar Plexus – courage, sensitivity Heart Chakra – beauty, relationships Throat Chakra – imagination, inspiration Third Eye – clarity, intuition, psychic abilities

Other issues addressed by Lavender – anger, stress, attraction, awareness, balance (emotional), beauty, calm (emotions, inner), challenges, clarity, communication, concentration/ focus, relations, consecrate/ bless, courage, creativity, divination, dream work, emotions, fidelity, friendship, gentleness, goals, grief, grounding, stability, healing (general, psychological), heartbreak, inspiration, instinct, isolation, longevity, love (attract), luck, lust, magic (elf), manifestation, union, negativity, calmness (attract, inner), problems (general, emotional), protection, psychic ability, purification (general, ritual), rebirth/renewal, relationships (peaceful), release, love, sensitivity, sexuality, sleep, stability, strength, stress, support, well-being, wish

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