The Basics of Learning Witchcraft


Learning Witchcraft tools. Old books, candle, stones pine cones and a piece of paperMerry meet and let’s talk about the basics of learning witchcraft.

Witchcraft is the practice of magic and use of spells that often involves the invocation of spirits.

Many people often question whether witchcraft is real, and whether it can be learned and practiced by everyone or is it only narrowed down to a select few. The good news is that learning witchcraft is much easier than you think.

Witchcraft is deeper than a few incantations and waving of hands. It is a connection with nature; with the very force of life. To start off, you may want to familiarize yourself with what witchcraft entails. You may also want to question yourself as to why you would want to become a witch.

Witchcraft is simply a religion, with magic being a by-product of that religion. Magic is the manipulation of energy. Magic involves channeling a source of energy to bring about a certain result.

A fundamental part of learning witchcraft is that whatever you do will be repaid back to you three times over. If you do evil, then evil will be repaid to you, and if you do good, then good will be paid back to you three times over.

Witchcraft is not something you can learn in one day. It will need to be mastered over time it will soon become a lifestyle. There are different ways you can become a witch and one of them is through practicing the art itself.

To begin with, you will need to study and familiarize yourself with all the areas of witchcraft. This will help you as you grow in it and realize that there are some areas that you are special in. You can learn witchcraft under a variety of topics but the most popular ones include wiccan ritual magic; plant, soil and earth magic and shamanic magic.

Wiccan ritual magic is the one that is the most widely practiced. It involves religious magic that makes use of special tools and geometric shapes and symbols. It is also the most flexible type of magic, with many of its practitioners being able to master any kind of spell as long as they are able to interpret the geometric symbols that are used in a spell. There are 5 subdivisions of Wiccan magic, seeing as the number 5 is a powerful number in witchcraft.

Plant, soil and earth magic involves the drawing of power and energy from plants and other earthly things. A witch practicing this type of magic deeply understands the nature of birth, death and rebirth. Furthermore, practitioners of this kind of magic are very powerful at creating protective spells drawn from nature itself. These spells are then used to ward off bad luck. ‘Green’ witches as they are popularly called, are very good at coaxing different crops to grow.

Learning Witchcraft with a Rune Stone

Shamanic magic is born out of the belief that every single thing on this earth has a spirit of own. Shamanic magic is not tied to Wiccan magic but it is still widely practiced by witches around the world. Shamans generally learn how to travel between the real world and the spirit world. Whilst in the spirit world, they learn to invoke the spirits of different things to help provide aid in the physical world.

Experienced shamans are gifted with the ability to ‘read’ people’s auras, spirits and actions. This they are able to do with the help of spiritual allies from the spirit world.

There are also other forms of witchcraft that do not technically fit into any of the categories above. These smaller forms of witchcraft are practiced by small groups of people around the world. These may include family witchcraft which is the learning of a hereditary craft that is passed on through the family; eclectic witchcraft which involves the general study of withcraft, and is the opposite of ‘specialist’ witchcraft; and solitary witchcraft where individual witches hone witchcraft in their own special and unique way that sways from standard practices.

The second step towards learning witchcraft is to engage in a ritual or ceremony. This will help ground in you in the practice and will help you treat witchcraft as the special thing it is.

Thirdly, you will need to have high ethical standards and a greater understanding of self. One of the keys to successful witchcraft, is the ability to have a strong will. Developing a strong will can only be done through understanding yourself and practicing self awareness.

It is extremely important for self-discipline to become a way of life. Self-discipline is required even as you become an experienced witch. It is never finite.

Lastly, look for a coven of witches to join. It is important for you to look for a coven that practices the kind of witchcraft you would like to specialize in, and has the same moral code and standards as yourself. Witchcraft gets stronger with time; the more you understand yourself and the more you understand nature and your surroundings,the greater the kind of witchcraft you can practice.

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6 thoughts on “The Basics of Learning Witchcraft”

  1. Namaste ans blessings upon you .
    I didn’t get your name but I just wanted to say ( as a 61 year old who’s worked with people as a counseling psychologist with an apparently shamanic touch – not that I knew it but was told it many times) a big and grateful THANK YOU for helping me find your video.

    I am in the spiritual path of Krista yoga and I am far from disciplined in my practice. However, I have always had a strong bond with nature and am developing a beautiful relationship with divine mother.

    Your talk was spot on when you said that all religions point to something far greater and it filled me with such joy to get this affirmation.

    Life has brought me and my beautiful partner and dogs to a secluded and beautiful part of the universe but we are in serious financial difficulties as a result of some difficult situations. So once we owned or own house but had to sell it and we are now renting until the money runs out with no income or anything.

    So….I see this as being brought to the source of the requirement of faith and the push to really find that cosmic source within so that no matter the circumstances of my life I will be joyful.

    I have so many questions I’d like to ask you but hope you’ll be in touch so I can know your name and talk further.

    Bless you young lady… You sparkle in the dark spaces…. Thank you ⭐

  2. I loved your video, it resonated with so many things i believe in. I have a couple of the books you mentioned and enjoy them. So i am looking forward to reading the other ones. Blessings to you and thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I really enjoyed your video. I have been looking for some books to read for a while but haven’t gotten any yet. I kind of stepped away from my Wiccan for a while but here lately I have been really drawn back to it. I have never really practiced as hard as I feel like I need to now. Could really use more guidance. Sorry but could I get the names of a few of those books you mentioned?


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