Surefire Protection from Harmful Spirits


If you sense that you are being attacked or influenced by a harmful spirits or negative entity, the first thing you need to do is protect yourself. Here is a surefire way to do that. It involves three stages and will not only protect you but also get rid of these unwanted beings.

1. Protection From Harmful Spirits

Acquire one or more of the following stones. These will protect you from the psychic intrusion caused by negative beings. They include:

Black Onyx
Black Tourmaline

It is believed that Black Tourmaline is the most effective stone, but just about any of them will give you instant protection. A combination of them will also work. Carry your stone or stones with you wherever you go.

The next part of this phase involves surrounding yourself with a bright, white shield of protective light. Simply envision the light coming from above and covering your entire body as well as flooding your whole being with protective shielding. Some people find that, during meditation, it is effective to envision the light coming from within and surrounding them like a cocoon.

Start every day by getting quiet for five minutes. Picture the light surrounding you. You can make it any color that works for you but white is common for protection. Have it extend about one arm’s length outside of your body all around you.

Say, “I surround myself with my shield of protection. I am safe.” This light vibrates at a high frequency and is ideal for allowing your angels, spirit guides and the God and the Goddess to protect and shield you.

2. Cleansing of Harmful Spirits

[fsbProduct asin=’B007FWTYGM’ size=’300′ align=’right’] If the spirit has invaded your space, you will want to do a proper cleansing. You can obtain Palo Santo online and use this holy Amazonian wood to drive the spirits out. This is the same wood burned by Shamans. You can also burn sage, frankincense or sandalwood.

Also be sure to sprinkle sea salt around your home. Make sure to tell the unwanted spirits to leave “now!” Tell them they do not belong and are not welcome. Tell them to go back where they came from and to leave. Indicate that you only welcome light and healing energies in your space.  You may need to repeat these statements until you sense the area has been cleansed.

3. Communication with Harmful Spirits

If, after following the steps for the first two phases you still have an issue you will need to communicate with the entity. Be careful. You need to cast a protective circle around you using sea salt. Be sure to hold onto your protective stones. Activate the light of protection and then speak to the spirit. Be firm but calm.

Tell the spirit that you are protected and no harm can come to you and that you address the entity with respect. You may go on to let them know that they are an intrusion and that while you don’t know their reasons for being near you  there is nothing for them.  Tell them you must have them leave and go back where they came from. When you are done close the circle.

Keep your stones or orgonite near you at all times. If you feel the negative presence simply breathe deeply and visualize your protective light. Ask your angels and guides to stay near and keep you safe. If this still does not work, contact a reputable psychic or medium skilled in helping people get rid of harmful or negative spirits.

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