Break a Bad Habit with This Spell


Do you have a bad habit that you would like to break? If so, this very easy candle spell can help you. For best results, perform this during a waning moon.

All that you will need is a pen, a piece of paper and a candle. Most recommend using a black candle for this spell.

Use the pen and piece of paper to write down the habit you want to break. Once it is written down, light the candle. Focus on the flame as you clear and calm your mind. Burn the piece of paper using the flame from the candle.

As you burn the piece of paper, chant: “With this flame, I banish you from my life. So mote it be.”

After you have burned the paper and said the chant, it is time to decide on a new way to describe yourself. This should be a positive statement. Write the statement using present tense on another piece of paper. Here are some examples to help you get started:

– Smoking: I am a non-smoker who is healthy.[fsbProduct asin=’B01JBNE8Y0′ size=’300′ align=’right’] – Procrastination: I am motivated to get things done quickly.
– Nail Biters: My nails are long, strong and healthy.
– Break-ups: The past relationship was not for me. My perfect mate is coming.

For the next twenty-one days, write down your statement three times. As you write your statement, say it aloud to release it into the atmosphere.  This will help make the spell stronger.

After the twenty-one days have passed, your habit should be broken. If you find that the habit is not broken, think back and see if you missed writing and saying your statement one day. Go back and re-perform the spell, ensuring that you follow the steps above exactly. If you did not miss any days, try writing a different variation of your statement and repeat it every day for another twenty-one days.

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