A Spell Quit a Bad Habit: Smoking


If you are ready to put away the nicotine habit, here is a spell that will make your transition as easy and painless as possible. The best time to perform this spells is during the next full moon.

You will need:

– 10-15 small pieces of paper (post-it note sized)
– A handful of fresh mint leaves
– A pen
-An empty packet of cigarettes
– An amethyst crystal or orgonite
– A black string

Before you begin take some time to think about all the reasons you would like to quit this habit and be a non-smoker. Write the reasons you have for making this change on the pieces of paper, one reason for each slip of paper.

For example:

– Smoking is consuming my cash resources
– Smoking causes my clothes and breath to smell bad
-Smoking is adversely affecting my health

Think of as many reasons as you can.

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Begin the Stop Smoking ritual by casting the circle and taking a moment to meditate until you have become calm and feel purpose in your actions. Gather the reasons you have written up and begin to read them aloud and respond with an opposite affirmation, as if you have already quit the habit and are a non-smoker.

For Example:

– Smoking is consuming my cash resources — I have so much more cash available now that I have quit smoking.

– Smoking causes my clothes and breath to smell bad — I always smell fresh and clean now that I don’t smoke at all.

-Smoking is affecting my health — I can walk and run easily without losing my breath now that I have quit smoking

And continue as such with all your reasons.

Take a moment to feel what it is like in this new reality you have created for yourself. Imagine all the things you have said have already come true, what is your life like now. Take a moment to reflect on the feeling of being free, wealthy and healthy as a non-smoker.

Now begin taking the pieces of paper and slipping them into the empty cigarette box. Continue till all of your papers are inside the box and close the box. Tie the black string or cord around the box so that it can’t be opened and secure this with a triple knot.

Take the fresh mint leaves in both hands and crush them by rubbing your hands together briskly. Cup your hands over your nose and breathe deeply from the fresh smelling fragrance. Breathe in deeply a few times and reflect on the beautiful energy that is rippling through your entire body.

Now take up the amethyst or orgonite and hold it in your hands. Feel the purifying energy that is radiating around your body as it grows stronger and stronger and begins to fill the crystal in your hands. Imagine your crystal is radiating with energy and sit in this meditative state for a few more minutes until you feel your spell has taken effect over you.

Say aloud “I am now a non-smoker. So let it be.”

Feel truth in your words

Now it is time to close your circle, you can throw away the cigarette box or bury it if you feel that will help.

You will want to keep your crystal with you at all times, whenever you feel the impulse to smoke again, take it in your hands and visualize the positive energy that flows from the stone through your body again.

Note: this spell can function well with the addition of Nicotine patches or gum. The hardest part of quitting a smoking addiction is often the psychological side of the process; this spell is especially effective with this.

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