Summon a Spirit or Demon


This spell allows the spell caster to summon a specific spirit or demon.
You’re ready to do this charm with someone also.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Candle(s) Lighter Ouija Board (Fake or real)- Optional Item or Ouija Board – Optional Paper Pen/Marker

Casting Directions for ‘Summon a Spirit or Demon’

Charging the spell

This spell was newly made, and is best done if charged.
Get out a piece of paper and write down the spell name, it’s purpose, requirements, and incantation.
Yes, you must physically write down the entire spell. It is possible to shorten it a little, as long like it doesn’t change the meaning, etc..
Now, place your hand over the paper and imagine your energy flowing through your veins. Imagine putting that energy into the spell. Note: Do not use a lot of your energy, save some for the spell. Also, imagine energy coming from mother nature (from plants, the ground, etc.) imagine it coming from the ground, moving through your body, through your hands and to the paper. Imagine energy coming from the world (imagine the sky, the stars, the clouds, etc) going down through the top of your head, through your body, through your hands and into the paper.
While or after you do this, (you can hold the paper if you need) still envision the energy flowing to the paper and chant:
“Wind, fire, water, earth,
I call on you to make this spell magick
so mote it be.”
(Chant from: chanting_spells/17050/page.html )
You can create your own chant as well in case you’d like.
During this, you may feel coldness, warmth, tingling, etc..
After, you might get a headache. This is an indication you used a lot of your energy, or it was too much energy which you could not handle just yet.
Now, you’re able to perform the spell.

Performing the Spell

Light candles (doesn’t matter what colour candles) The more candles, the better. And the bigger, the better.
On a inch or two inch (width and length) bit of paper, write the spirit or demons name.
If you did not know their name, you can name them or name them jane doe, or john doe, and picture how they look and how their energy feels in your head.
Put your hands on the thing used for the Ouija Board. (optional)
Now, Chant three times:

“Shadows lurking in the night,
I summon you,
come to us tonight.


If you’re planning to summon a demon just know that demons are known to cause fear, depression and suicidal thoughts. Don’t do this spell if you do not have an emotional obstacle.

If you are planning on summoning any spirit in any respect, be mindful their may be impacts. Many times, this spell is used for help, or for fun.

To make sure the spirit or demon leaves, you need to be emotionally fit.
When you’re finished, tell the spirit to leave. If they do not depart, start yelling to depart. Order them to depart.
You do not have to physically speak for them to depart, you are able to say this in your head.
It may take them till the next day to leave.

My results
I made this charm with a friend because she wanted to talk to spirits. My house has always been haunted, but because I’m emotionally healthy and without knowing, I tell demons or spirits to depart, spirits are never around me anymore. Unless, of course, I want them too. So, I did this spell on a demon I had for my life. I named her Kelly. Anyway, the spell surprisingly worked well.
We did not used our fake Ouija Board to communicate with the spirit. Do, you can likely do the spell without one.


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