Summon a Demon Helper


Exactly what it says.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Time: Midnight on a Saturday. The Moon’s dark.
Place: Cemeteries, Haunted Places, etc..
Items needed: black candles, brimstone (or some other “dark” type logos, black arts etc..)
Black onyx (Black Onyx was believed to possess a soul so this is why
I use it but you can choose any black rock of your choice.) Sterilized needle.
Disrobe. Arrange black candles in any pattern one may wish, pentagram or what not.
(I use graveyard dirt to draw a pentagram and then place black candles at each cross point.)

Casting Instructions for ‘Summon a Demon Helper’

Light the brimstone as incense. At midnight chant:

It’s Midnight the gates ofhades are oeedand darkness is upon the land.

3X Hold the stone in your left palm.

I conjure thee demon by the power of thy name; Abshallah Nejar Septia, As flesh clings to bone so one to stone!

If done correctly you should see with your minds eye a purplish lightning dance round the stone. You must never let sunlight hit the rock or the soul will come back from which it came. It is possible to ask of your demon anything but alas, it appears that the relationship isn’t permanent. If you demon fails to comply with your wishes it may be time to exile it. Ive notice that threatening to set the stone in sunlight occasionally works to compel the entity but when it becomes violent instantly throw it out into the daylight. You must reward the demon by feeding it three drops of your blood after if meets any of your fantasies. When I first created this spell, the first demon I caught was nasty. It was very effective for about a year but then began to mock me and not do as I say. It then came to me in a dream and tried to make a deal with me by giving me extreme wealth in return for using my Magic to incarnate it into my future first born. After that I said hell with this and chunked the stone outside in the summer heat.

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