Hacates Wrath


(Caution this spell uses the darkest of magicks and is not to be taken lightly)This spell calls opon hecate and her forces to punish those who’ve hurt you or plot against you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Sand Mirror 5 Black Candles Hair of the Target Athame Needle or raser blade Snake Key Moth Offering plate

Casting Directions for ‘Hacates Wrath’

First center your self and meditate for atleast an hour. After that, begin calling the elements of air and fire to assist you in the casting of the circle.
Draw a circle and a inverted pentagram with the sand. Make sure that the circle has no gaps or holes! If you have gaps the energys can be released.Then place red candles in corners of the pentagram. Light them. Place the key and moth at the upper corners of the pentagram. Then place the offering plate in center. Set the snake on the offering plate. kill the snake. Drain the blood and soak the hair of your target. Burn the hair and offer the dead snake into hecate. With the needle or athame cut on the interior of your palms and let drip over the dead snake. Proceed with ritual.
be aware the spell is in latin. Please try to pronounce the best you can.

Dea , sententia specialis es that were hacate lost. Sententia veneficus es maioribus of vetus. per vox ego queso vos. Dea take nostrum humilis gratia ut vos vitualamen. Unus ut pugna meus that is insidiae navitas. Take lemma. Per vestri vox ego dedi vos meus cruor ut a verto of navitas. Per quattuor deomons of orbis signifer ego dico. Validus dea sententia maagics es sought. Take lemma quod frendo lemma. Permissum purgatio incendia addo lemma ultio ultionis per asmodia per ankhia per diabolus quod diabolus sententia veneficus quod dictata es accersitus hecate opus thy mos permissum immunda exsisto iam purgo per incendia vestrum regnum!

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