Spells of Magic Conscious


Will save many lives

You will need the following items for this spell:

Good sense of “Reality”

Casting Directions for ‘Spells of Magic Conscious’

In seeing all these “Fantasy Spells” being posted on a site by Wiccans amazing and disgusts me to no end. Spells to turn you into Vampires, Were-wolves, Fairies, Mer-Maids aren’t safe to post But despite this I will stop arguing with you and help you. Follow the following instructions to assist you these fantasy creatures. As this is what you all really want.

1) Sit and perform one of those spells to help you become a fantasy creature.

2) Go out and act as you expect these fantasy creatures to live.

3) Proving you live drowning, flying or fighting a fanatic, you will be arrested. Use the allotted one phone call to phone your parents to bail you out or jail.

4) Post on the boards you are NOW needing a court case spell. You will not win because you expect for fate to be sort after your played destiny.

5) Spend the next 10 years of your life recouping from your wounds and in the same time with a mental therapist

6) Finally, or at precisely the same time as5, complain to the owners of this site your life is now a living hell because of what has happen.

Now should your fortune have given out prior to instruction #3 read and perform the following the following:

3) Die: Yes, just die. If your were pretending to be a mermaid, just drown yourself. In the event that you were attempting to fly like a vampire, simply hurl yourself off the roof or tree. Or go out and get shot down by a cop after assaulting someone like a were-wolf.

4) Once dead, don’t let your soul separate from your spirit. Do not go in the life.

5) Now as a lost soul on mortal earth go out and hunt down the owners of the site for allowing such fantasy spells to exist on a site such as this. Make their life a living hell.

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