Solar Eclipse: Solar Lunar Water


This is part of a collection of Solar Eclipse spells for August 21st, 2017 at the United States or for anyone fortunate enough to witness a future Solar Eclipse elsewhere in the world.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A container filled with water: Outdoor water sources preferred. A pinch of salt. A cloth to cover the container. Optional: Crystals. Optional: Candles or incense. Optional: Flowers or herbs.

Casting Directions for ‘Solar Eclipse: Solar Lunar Water’

Total Solar Eclipses just a few minutes to last. Plan wisely.
First, you will have wanted to have already found a jar, jar, vase, bowl etc.. Remember, if you wont have the opportunity to experience another Solar Eclipse you may want to have a bigger container!
Fill your container that is chosen with water. When it’s full, bless it by putting in a pinch of salt and hold the container in your hands and visualize it being able to soak in the energy from the sun and the dark moon crossing over it. Cover the container with the cloth when you’re done.
Next, you will want to prepare your sacred space outdoors. You can do this by arranging crystals, candles, and flowers around the container in whatever arrangement suits you.
After the eclipse is nearing the beginning, light your candles if any, and uncover the container of water carefully. Allow the water sit out and control during the entire duration of the eclipse. After the eclipse is over, you should have a jar of lunar, and solar charged water!
Since this water is charged with both the power from the sun and moon, it should bring about a more powerful type of moonwater, in addition to be a balance of Masculine and Feminine energies. This water is now yours to do as you please with it. You might drink it to your own strength or use it to bless or purify other items.
Don’t forget to clean up any outdoor space and leave nature as it was before you arrived.

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