Vampire Spell (WARNING: No Turning Back)


This is a classic Vampire spell with a twist to make certain that it works. Warning, it might be VERY tough to reverse.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Full Moon (Optional, but works best with) Voice Confidence Nighttime (Optional, but works best)

Casting Instructions for ‘Vampire Spell (WARNING: No Turning Back)’

This is the well-known incantation:
“Red blood, pale skin, moonlight draw me. Quench my blood-thirsty veins, let my body feel no pain!”

If you do this during the day, it will have a 15% chance of working, and should it, you’ll be more sensitive to pure sunlight than you would have been if you did it at night. You won’t burn to death like in movies, you’ll just get a terrible sunburn REALLY fast. And some people have said that they believed they had been smoking, but who knows! If you do this spell during the night, it will have a 94% chance of working. If you do it at night with a full moon, 99%. Like it says in name, of the spell works, it’s VERY HARD to go back.

Go to a fairly-sized room. Open the largest center window, and shut off all the lights. Close to the door, and stand in the center of the room. If its Full Moon, let it glow you. Stand up straight. Close your eyes and meditate, filling it with blankness. Do this for exactly a minute. KEEP YOUR MIND BLANK. I KNOW IT’S HARD :0). Then, say the incantation clearly 10 times. Then meditate for 10 more seconds, and say gently but clearly “It’s done.” .

Good Side Effects:
•Speed (The more you use it, the quicker it’ll show)
•Strength (The more you use it, the quicker it’ll show)
•Vampiric Beauty (A Beauty Particular to vampires)
•Hair Changes (Your hair will either get darker or lighter. Lighter is commoner for blondes, dirty blondes. Darker for brunette and black haired people. Redheads vary. Well, they all do but nevertheless. Hair will tend to kinda grow faster)
•Claws? Nope. Forget it!!!!!! Your a vampire not a werewolf.
•fangs (They will get sharper not longer)

Bad Side Effects
•Feeling Mood Swings (Especially with love. Love is very dangerous and can be possessive of a vampire)
•Occasionally, food will taste bland.
•Pale Skin. This is not bad but some people don’t like it.
•? Minor Garlic Allergy? (I don’t know….haven’t tried it but my friend said this was true but I do not know if I believe it)

•Forget the whole “Holy Water, Silver and stuff are deadly” thing. That is just nonsense made my covetous movie people. However, like I said I don’t know about Garlic but I don’t think it’s deadly BECAUSE I LOVE GARLIC BREAD AND I DID THIS SPELL.
•Food will taste dull occasionally because of your blood thing. Whatever you do DON’T TASTE BLOOD AFTER USING THIS SPELL. It’ll make ALL food taste bland and you will yearn for…
•I don’t think you can turn back after using this.

Message me additional side effects once you do the spell!

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  1. How long will it take to turn you into a vampire? I have done this spell yesterday on the night of the full blood moon (21.01.2019)


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