Power of the Night Upon an Object


This spell enchants an object of your choice with all the energies of the night, so you might have them with you anywhere, even during the day.

You will need the following items for this spell:

The object you would like to enchant (pendant, stone, etc) A bowl large enough to hold the object. Water Black Ink Pipette or Eyedropper Black lace, leather, or cotton bag large enough for the object. Paper Towels

Casting Directions for ‘Energy of the Night Upon an Item’

Note: The object you’re enchanting must be something that wont be ruined by water. It also has to be cleansed before this spell. Also, you can call out to whichever god or goddess you prefer, or use your own chant, if you desire. This spell should be done during the full moon. Take the water and fill the bowl with it. Insert the black ink with the pipette or eyedropper until the water is completely black. Take the thing, bowl, and bag outside with you, or to a window there you can see the moon. Place the bowl somewhere the moon can reflect on the surface of the dark water, and say the following:

Black inky skies which bears the pregnant moon, I call out to you, as your humble servant. I ask your blessing upon this water that reflects your greatness, so it all touches might be filled with your power. Put the object in the bowl so it is totally covered by the water, and keep the chant. Let this (object name) be blessed with the powers of the night, so that I may always carry your strength with me. So mote it be.

Remove the item, dry it with the paper towels, and place it in the bag. Remove it in the bag when necessary for spells, rituals, etc.. Recharge it monthly during every full moon.

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