Lucky Charm/Object


A spell that invokes earth and the element water. With it you can make any charm or thing lucky.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Bowl (any size) Water (from natural origin) Dirt/Soil (natural not store) 1 Cloth/Towel (Any. Optional) 1 Plastic bag (Any. Optional) 1 thing or charm strong will power

Casting Directions for ‘Lucky Charm/Object’

Fill a bowl of any dimension with water from a natural source like rain water, stream water, pond water, ETC.. Get some dirt/soil from out and place object in it then chant: I invoke you mother earth! Come to me and also use this dirt to infuse luck and fortune into this object, bring protection and wisdom to this object. Oh mother earth I call you now in time of need, hear me and help me. Remove the item and fill a bowl with the pure water. Wash the thing with the water and while doing so chant I invoke you mother earth once again through this element of water! When I say I want you 9, hear me. I want you to bring luck to this object. Infuse guidance, wisdom, and fortune to this object via the element of water. As I ask, I beg you to do and will return something of these to components. Now dry the object and take it with you everywhere. Be sure you return the favor! As you’ve invoked mother earth through soil and water you must care for mother earth. The object will only stay lucky as long as you help the ground. It can be by helping planting trees or harm animals each month every ground day or Recycling something.

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